Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally one doctor that could help....

I finally went to the recommended (3rd) throat specialist and oh my goodness. I´m sooo relieved I went there.

He FINALLY diagnosed the real throat problem! And not offer some stupid solution to "move house" or "the air in Germany is bad for you".

He said that I have a viral infection on my nose which causes me not to be able to breathe properly. This problem is magnified at night when I can´t control the way I breathe. Hence I breathe through my mouth and when the saliva (which is the main defence mechanism) dries up, that´s when the bacteria enters through my mouth and causes me to have throat infection.

I´ve read some of the instructions on the boxes and apparently they are used for sinus problems... which again makes sense again because I´ve had sinus problems on-and-off in my life.

And when he said that, I could completely (nachvollziehen) - follow that line of argument. I normally have to wake up a couple of times at night to drink some water and still my throat is constantly dry!

Besides, my hubby is living testimony who knows that I haven´t been breathing properly at night - if you know what I mean. Since I normally am I pretty silent sleeper, but ever since this thing started I´ve been s_ o _ ing at night.

The other doctors have been trying to treat my throat without treating my nose - which tries to cure the symptoms but not the root cause of the problem. Hence both the symptoms and root cause were not cured at all.

I feel sooooo intensely grateful to this doctor! I just knew there was more than what the other doctors have been telling me. It was the worse feeling to have the docs tell you that you´re healthy and perfectly ok, when you know that you´re not! I would know my body better than anybody. So nope, I´m not going crazy and this is not psychosomatic - thank you, whoever you are.

The best thing was my hubby drove down to the clinic personally to get an appointment for me and they managed to squeeze me on the same day, before the clinic closes for a holiday!!! Thank you God for knowing how much I can take. Pray that all this medicine would really solve this problem.


Chrish said...

Take care! *HUGS*

Pris said...

Hi dear Chrish! Thanks a lot for your lovely encouragement! I will!


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