Friday, August 07, 2009

A little light in the woods....

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Well after weeks of agonizing and waiting, I finally have the answer as to what is causing the perennial sore throat.

The long and short of it is that I´m allergic to the air in Stuttgart - sort of. Doc´s recommendation for a cure was "umziehen" or "relocate!"

The throat infection is still there. There has been no improvements or deterioation since it started more than a month ago.

However, my throat, vocal chords, everything inside is all healthy and fine.

I´ve had a blood test, mouth swab, throat endoscopy and the only thing that was revealed is that my throat is still infected but there´s really nothing that can be done about it.

Doc. gave me a mouth spray - chemicals, which suppose to help alleviate the pain but it won´t cure it. **bummer**

I must admit that it has been a very tiring and frustrating time for me and the poor hubby too.

Its difficult to be stuck in a situation when first you don´t know what is causing the problem and then after numerous visits to the doctors, they tell you the problem, but there is no solution.

I don´t know what is better.

Well I guess the latter. At least now I know that I´m actually healthy, if only I were living near the ocean - the salt content in the air is missing here.

That explains why I was all healthy within one day in Italy and as soon as I got home, everything came back!

Because Italy is much closer to the coast than Stuttgart is! Stuttgart is pretty much Central Europe, 10 000 over kilometres away from the sea.

Doc said that many people from the South eg. Turkey have this problem. People who are more accustomed to more humid air.

Singapore happens to be an island in the middle of the ocean, with over 80% humidity usually. That does explain it.

I´m starting to have salt baths - boiling salt water and breathing in the steam. Its tedious and oh-so-warm-and-I-Don´t-like-it, but I´d have to try and see if it works.

In addition, we´re going to shop for a humidifier to put in the bedroom too.

When I asked the doctor why didn´t I get this during the other summers, he said that this problem doesn´t necessarily have to come every year.

This year was especially bad because the summer weather changed drastically at the beginning. That´s how the entire infection started. But now, its like my body doesn´t seem to have the antibodies to fight the infection.

That´s why the infection is still there. But when I was in Italy, the salt water content in the air made everything go away!

I really hope that what the doctor said is accurate. Really do.

So that I can look forward to the infection going away when summer is over.

In the meantime, I have been driving myself crazy figuring what to do about my job, for which I enjoy but very much need my voice.

Bounced a couple of crazy-but-impractical ideas around my head and finally decided to talk to my boss about it and just be real and honest.

The talk went very smoothly. She understood where I was coming from and she explained her limitations too.

We decided that I would cut down my contract hours from 20 to 12-15 hrs/ week so that on one hand, I don´t have to work so much and she can hire another teacher to teach the hours that I can´t teach.

And when (if) my sore throat recovers in the following months, I can ask her to increase my hours to 20/week again.

This worked out so much better than I had thought. I could handle 4-5 hrs a day for 3 days a week and then have 4 consecutive rest days for my throat, for which I don´t have to talk much.

And my pay cut would be manageable. With Stephan being self-employed, I enjoy a lower tax-class and would earn the same amount working 25% less, compared to what I earned working 100% at a higher tax class.

Yup! Really happy that my job enables me to be THAT flexible.

And yes, I must admit that I´ve been wrestling with God too. Like, why God? And when God? And honest to boot, I have no answers at all.

I´ve run out of ideas of how to pray for my throat - as if your prayer style affects whether God answers your prayers. But yes, I was that desperate.

I finally told God last night, "God, I have no answers. But I know YOU have all the answers. And for whatever reason I have no answers now, I pray for wisdom that you would help me to make the right decisions that I need to make soon, since my throat ain´t recovering."

Amazingly, that gave me this peace that really helped me to sleep sooo well at night.

So, step by step..... I´m still not cured and throat still hurts but I know that there´s enough light for the step I´m on. Still I´ll continue to trust and hope for a light at the end of the tunnel......


Anonymous said...

Hi girl, I am sorry to hear that your throat still hurts, but I am glad that the talk with your manager went so well! Honesty is always best....And to work less and get almost the same amount of money is a blessing, ha?
Love, Geli

Pris said...

Dear Geli!
OH boy, you´re fast!!! Yah, I´m glad the talk went so well and we could find a solution to tide me through this period. For that I´m really thankful. Well, I would still feel the pinch of less money, because we changed the tax class a few months ago. So now it´d be from a 4-figure salary to a 3-figure salary. But my throat is more important. On the other hand, more free time to go to the swimming pool! hah. Wanna go together?

Steph said...

Hey Pris, Definitely come and visit us for the sea air and good to hear that you could cut down yr work hours, money not everything and your health comes first eh. Take it easy and hopefully in Autumn, your throat will improve.

Pris said...

Hi Steph! We are coming down to visit! You got our email yet??? Can´t wait!!! Finally get to meet you, Luke, Leia and JC in person!!! Heehee. So great that you stay near the ocean too! Woo-hoo.

kimbarley said...

oh man!! PRIS!! hey hey hi!! its me, kimberly, your "long lost" buddy on the kazakhstan trip. remember moi?
i was just thinking (happened to) of you today duno why and i remembered u had a blog near your wedding day and it was half of your name and stephen's. so i anyhow tried a name on blogspot which seemed logical and hey presto! here we are! u're a teacher in germany now?? how olds u teaching?
(how old are the kids u teach). also take care on your throat..sounds pretty painful. heh
my blog is seen when u click on my name here.

Pris said...

Hi Kimbarley- isn´t its supposed to kimberly? Nice to hear from you! And even more amazing that you found me online! Are you on facebook too? Realized that you have a blog! Oh cool!

kimbarley said...

hey pris,
thats my facebk email.
you still have andrea's (your old buddy's) contact?? i'll look her up on ur facebk.
when u back in sg?

Pris said...

hi Kim! I´ve added you to my facebook account. You can search for Andrea under my contacts ok? :) Let´s keep in touch! Where are you now? Well I´ve been back to Sg this year already- From Mar to Apr. So I´d probably make another trip back next year...but not decided yet. Usually decide when there are cheap airtickets. haha.


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