Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grilled pork fillet with mediterranean grilled veg

I finally tried out our new grill-pan from Ikea. Don´t really know if its any different from a normal pan but at least you get the nice black lines on your meat.

My craving for grilled aubergines have not been satisfied for the longest time, since all my previous attempts were unsuccessful as the aubergines had spoilt before I got down to using it- yup its shelf life is really short!

Hence, I decided to grill red pepper, fresh mushroom, onions, aubergines with olive oil, salt, pepper and Italian herbs in the oven while grilling the pork fillets on my Ikea grill pan.

Normally I mix the mushrooms with the fresh cream to make mushroom sauce. However, this time I simple added the fresh cream to the meat and mixed everything as I ate. The herbs and natural taste of the vegetables complimented the cream, while retaining its natural favour.

Simple, quick, fuss-free and healthy. Great for a weekday meal and the best thing? Hubby liked it too, even though he didn´t use to be a big fan of aubergines.

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