Monday, July 06, 2009

2 BBQs over one weekend.....

We had a pretty hectic but fun weekend.

On Saturday, we had a Singaporean bunch gathering at Serene´s place. I prepared Satay and mango pudding, Gerline prepared fried bee hoon (yummy!) and Serene prepared all the rest! - Mushroom with fresh cheese and chives, kebab with chicken-wrapped-in-bacon and pineapple, vegetable kebab etc.... It was soooo delicious!

We ended up staying there past 1am, because we were watching the movie "He´s just not that into you" and its soooo hilarious! I so have to get that DVD. Amazing girly show and such a mirror reflection of real life.....One laughs so hard especially when the chords hit close to the heart.....

The sumptious feast that we had....

A candid shot... my beanie trying to be Singaporean and Michael looking puzzled hahaha.

After our late night on Saturday and getting to bed at 2.30am (myself and my hubby 2am), we woke up at 9.15am for church. Needless to say, we were zombifying through the day. Still, we made it for the other BBQ-cum-picnic with the other Singaporeans in a bigger group.

That´s us with the new couple from Great Britain. He´s new in Stuttgart and his Korean wife is joining him in a year´s time. The guy on the right is Martin. So that makes the total number of Singaporean guys in our group to 2! Hah, most of the Singaporeans are women here.

A random shot of the women and their children....

After the picnic, we went to Laura´s birthday party just around the corner. That´s her baby Max. He´s the most adorable thing ever!!! Ok, not a thing, but you know what I mean. I´m not that into babies, but sometimes when the chemistry matches, I could imagine myself being a baby-sitter as a hobby. And yes, he is mixed....1/4 chinese, 1/4 Canadian and 1/2 German.


lead2life said...

Hi Priscilla

My name is Tess, one of the member from Singaporebrides forum.

I would like to say "hello" to you and I actually visit your blog sometimes and really envy your life in Germany.

I have some queries about the work, life and marriage in Germany and would like to hear from your advice and opinion as my bf is also a german.

Please let me know if I can drop you an email?

My email address is

Thank you and have a nice day.


Pris said...

Hello Tess, nice to hear from u! Would be great to chat via email. My email is are u by any chance audrey? Internet is down n I'm using hubby's iPhone to reply u.


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