Monday, June 08, 2009

Noodles galore

Maybe because the weather has been becoming warmer lately, I somehow prefer having noodles to rice. Hence, I experimented with glass noodles. It looks like rice vermicelli (米粉) but really the consistency and taste is different. I never thought that the hubby would like glass noodles, but he actually did! And one thing I like about glass noodles is that one doesn´t have to eat much of it to be full. It fills up the tummy really fast!
That´s glass noodles cooked with chinese vegetables, shrimps, chicken, mushrooms, garlic, onion, salt, dried chilli, soya sauce and a bit of oyster sauce. Looks like a lot of noodles, but it was only 250gms!
Served with egg, sunny-side up and sweet Thai chilli sauce - which btw has become Stephan´s favourite addition for every dish! He´s a bigger fan of glass noodles than 米粉. 
That´s rice vermicelli (米粉) above, served with the usual ingredients but this time with chinese lettuce, fried onions and egg slices above. Not a person to plan what to cook in advance (esp. on weekdays when I´m just tired), I bought marinated chicken wings from the supermarket (those suitable for BBQ). Thing was, it was soooo salty! I told myself that I will never buy marinated chicken wings ever again.... Home-marinated ones easily taste better than those!
The third type of noodle I used was the flat noodles (粿條) for PadThai. I think I´m getting much better and faster at cooking this meal, but the preparation time is still long!
That´s Kerstin and I having a girly evening at my place when Stephan went to Munich. We went swimming, cooked Pad Thai together and watched a girly film together "27 dresses". Oohhh, girly FUN! **notice what we drank with Pad Thai?**
Tempura prawns and vegetables. So oily but really yummy and a great way to get my beloved hubby, who isn´t a fan of cauliflower to eat them

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