Friday, June 12, 2009


I´ve earned my next 10€ from Google Ads! :) Yay, remember my post earlier? (click here) I said that I earned my first 10€ and now I´ve got more than 20€ in my account! That makes it about 10€ a month!

Thanks to you faithful readers who click on the ads. I´ll continue to post entries of my life, which I enjoy doing anyway and this is really cool to earn some part-time money for something that doesn´t even feel like work!

We´re having a quiet evening today after I met up with my dear friend Becky in the afternoon, who´s pregnant and expecting her first baby girl in a month´s time! So excited for her!

I love fish! We went to Gosch for yummy fish. I had mixed fish plate with Thai noodles, which was pretty greasy but very delicious nevertheless.

That´s Pangasius fillet with salad and fried potatoes

Our self-taken close-up shot together. Boy, the last time we met was my birthday in 2008! That makes it about 6 mths since we last saw each other!

One of the youths from our cell is getting married tomorrow at 20! (hee, see I wasn´t too young when I got married at 23). Really looking forward to it! :)

We had to cancel a dinner appointment (so sad) because I´m feeling under the weather - a cold and slight temperature. Hope that everything clears up soon so that I can be in good shape for the wedding tomorrow!

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