Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hiking on Father´s Day

The vineyards - a popular spot for hiking

The sun has been shining so beautifully lately. :) Its really Germany at its best.

On 21st of May - Father´s Day in Germany, we went hiking at Heuchelbergerwarte - about an hour´s drive from our place. It was altogether 10 km both ways! I´m so proud that I managed to do that! Actually that´s a very good way to spend the day outdoors when the sun in shining.

We walked, talked, had lunch at a lovely outdoor restaurant before heading back again. There were so many people there. Its a really family-friendly place with playgrounds and kids´activities. Spring is a time when you realize that there are actually children around! Somehow during winter you don´t see that many children outdoors, due to the cold. But when the weather turns warmer, children flock places everywhere!

Snapshots of the place where we were. It was self-service as we had to queue up to order our food and drinks. Upon paying, we would get a number and once our food was ready, our number would be displayed on the outdoor monitor. We had Swäbisch food, spätzle- egg noodles and pork fillet with bread crumbs - Schnitzel with fries. There was a tower there where one could get a panoramic view of the surrounding hills.

My favourite in-laws in the world!

Us trying to look just as loving as the parents
The view from on top of the tower

Happy Father´s Day dear Daddy in Singapore and Daddy in Germany. So so thankful and grateful to God for both of you in my life. Don´t know when the International Father´s Day is, but just want to use this opportunity to say Daddy, I love you! Miss you and hope you come visit me real soon! And thanks Werner for always being there to rescue me from emergencies and fetch me to-and-from work! You´re so special and important to us!

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