Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Girly day out on a hot Saturday

Shoes off, iced cappucino, a mat and you´re ready to enjoy the sun!
This is how you celebrate being a girl. On Saturday when Stephan was away teaching in Ulm, I arranged to meet up with Kerstin - my newfound galfriend. We decided to go to the Schlossplatz - in front of the castle and she brought her mat with her. The sun was so strong that I actually had a bit of heat-overdose after that.

However, the atmosphere was magnificent! Lots of people just lying down on the grass, drinking frozen cappuccino, watching people and just enjoying time and life. We hung out, without any agenda and Stephan joined us when he was done with his teaching.

Kerstin is such a special gal. She works as a full-time childcare teacher - but for children with special needs, ie. from dysfunctional families. It takes so much to give of oneself to these young ones as she works on weekends and overnight too. However, I guess the knowledge that she´ll play a pivotal role in shaping their character keeps her going. Still, I really admire her character and sacrifice for these children.

The panoramic view of the castle grounds where we were
(click for bigger view)

I´m so thankful to God for this new friendship and pray that it will grow and grow! So thankful for new friends especially when old ones leave. Pray that God will use this friendship to mould and shape us more into His likeness and to challenge us to overcome obstacles with HIS help and power!

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