Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bye bye glasses.....

(Above: My last photo with my glasses. Guess where this photo was taken?)
I went for my Lasik surgery today in the morning.

Was pretty nervous as I wasn´t sure if everything would be that smooth-sailing. Instructions mentioned a 1-2hr waiting time and it turned out that I was the first person.

Which was cool too, because that meant that I didn´t have to wait long, but that also meant that I couldn´t ask any previous "patients" how their surgeries went.

They use this "eye-tracker" so that the laser follows your eye wherever it goes and try as I did, I couldn´t focus 100% on this red light. But overall, the operation was a success and my vision has improved by leaps and bounds!

Right now, whenever I stare at something bright, there appears to be this glare that I experience esp. in my left eye. My doc just called me to check up on me and he commented my recovery is "faster than normal" since I can use the computer and sms now. Most people can watch TV but probably would be unable to see the subtitles.

Have to use protective glasses when I sleep too, which turned out to be no problem, since I took a very long afternoon nap today, having slept little due to anxiety last night. Woo-hoo.....no more glasses, contact lenses and not knowing where I placed my glasses!

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