Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Day´s wedding

(Left: Fashion wear for a winter wedding...) What better way to celebrate Valentine Day than to go for a wedding?

I went for my first German church-and-dinner wedding! My dear friend, Geli got married to Hansi! Oh, it was really cool to witness both of them exchange vows in church. I must say that a German wedding is much smaller than a Singapore one! There were about 80 people at the church service and about 50 people at dinner - compared to our 230 for church and 210 for dinner. The wedding was beautiful, simple, intimate and with nice conversations.
Anyways, in a wimp, I decided to do smth different and went to curl my hair at the hairdresser´s. It was so fun, cos I felt like a brand-new person just because of a hairstyle change. Any votes? Does curly or straight hair looks better on me?
front view
back view
snapshots of the wedding
food glorious food
more snapshots with my handsome prince
Oh, have I mentioned yet? The wedding cake was real! All 3 layers....
Here´s wishing Geli and Hansi all the best in their new life together! May you both be strengthened by God day by day and may your marriage be founded on Jesus Christ our Rock! That the love displayed the both of you would be one that draws many to the love of our dear Daddy in heaven....


Beau Lotus said...

Gorgeous curls...but made you look older.

Priscilla Tews said...

Thanks Serene. :) Yah, that´s quite normal for one to look older in curls...I curled my hair once (permanently) and I did look older, but I guess that´s why its good to have curls when one is young..heehee.

cyn said...

I still think straight hair suits you better. Too many curls...makes you look older. Minimise the curls and perhaps do a princess-tie...half head tie and hold the hair in place with hidden hair pins and hairspray. Imagine bride's hairdo at wedding dinners in Sgp.

Pris said...

Hey Cyn, I agree....they did too many curls for me. Which is why I said that if I do curl my hair permanently, I´ll do it in its like half head its still straight hair and the other half its curly....I´ve did it before and it looked very nice, but just very difficult to upkeep- esp when one is overseas.


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