Monday, February 16, 2009

Farewell Miri

My dear friend, Miri is going back to Bolivia. This week would be her last in Germany after almost 9 years. I only got to know her a year ago and am naturally really sad that she has to leave so soon. Nevertheless, I would want to wish her all the best in her future and God´s continued protection and guidance upon her and Luis as both of them embark on the next phase of their lives together - they´re getting married in Sept 09. She´s one of the few people with whom I can click really well and of course she´s acquainted with the entire intercultural issue that I face, since she´s of mixed-heritage herself. We had her farewell party 2 weeks ago and I was really quite surprised to see that there are so many young people in our church. Its a bit sad when I think that the next time I´ll see her will be maybe 4 yrs later? It ain´t cheap to fly to Bolivia, one pays at least abt 900€! So yeah, unless God really blesses us so abundantly or plane tickets there become so cheap, its quite unlikely that we´d see each other in the near future......but at least I get to keep in touch with her via facebook.....

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