Friday, February 06, 2009

Superb Italian food

Us desperately trying to look at the camera...we kept looking at everywhere except the camera!

The exterior of the restaurant

the happy bunch satisfied with the food

How posh the restaurant was

Grilled scallops with some chick pea orange sauce as starters

Seafood soup

Stephan´s "surprise" starters

Creamy pasta with duck(?!?) It tasted amazing, though I barely finished half of the pasta, I was so stuffed .....
After ice-skating we met up with our friend Gerline and her hubby for some superb Italian food. I rarely rave about seafood in Stuttgart since Germany isn´t known for seafood. However, the scallops we had here was amazing! Gerline´s hubby was so happy that he finally managed to bring the Singaporean girls to a restaurant that lives up to the standard of food in Singapore...hahah. I so wanted to have the tiramisu but my duck pasta was so filling that I had to give it a miss. I think the next time we go back there, I´ll head for the scallops again, share one main meal with the hubby and head for dessert. Oh we were so surprised that an Italian restaurant does not have any pizza! It must be the most expensive restaurant we´ve ever been to in Germany though, because each of us ended up paying about 40€ pax. Nevertheless, it was a really great way to celebrate Stephan´s passing of his tax exams......
Restorante Reichsstadt
Rathausplatz 573728, Esslingen
0711 353620


Steph said...

hihi! i haven't read your blog (or any blogs for that matter) in ages! Nice change...but why black? I noticed you have a countdown to your trip back to Spore! Cool...can't wait to see you. =)

Serene Ong said...

i'm jealous!! Want to go eat Italian with u girls (and guys) too!!!

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi dear Steph! So nice to hear from you again! How have you been? I sent you an email a while ago, have you received it? :) Ohh, you don´t like the black too? I kinna felt that the black brought out the colours of the photos more contrast...and just didn´t know what other colour to have, if I wanted a change. I can´t wait to see you too! Thank God you and Ryan are still in Singapore! I´ve got a couple of close friends who are no longer living in Singapore.

Priscilla Tews said...

Dear Serene, no need to be jealous lah...saw all yr photos of Cambodia and Singapore food....That was a little consolation of not being able to be in Sg yet.


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