Friday, February 06, 2009

Ice-skating after 6 years!

Can´t believe that it has been 6 years since I last ice-skated (the last time being in Canada). I think its one of those things that was a craze when one is a teenager and after that it loses its appeal. Anyways, I´ve been mentioning to the hub that I would like to skate again together with him, since that´s something we used to do in Canada and it is a winter sport afterall.

So he went online, searched for ice-skating rinks and we ended up going to an outdoor rink complete with music and the night sky. It was such a dream come true, to skate outdoors because it is cold enough. However, one drawback was that the ice was not very the beginning I had so much problem trying to skate because I felt that my skates were not sharp enough and they couldn´t cut into the ice. Upon request, my skates were sharpened and after that, I felt that my prior experience of ice-skating was slowly coming back to me.....
I could even remember what its like to skate backwards.....although I must add that I´m still not very stable. Nevertheless, I managed to survive our 2 hours of ice-skating with only 2 falls...... After one falls for the first time, every subsequent time feels like a piece of just needs to get over the phobia of falling....yup! Hope to do this way more often! :) What a great sport!


cyn said...

Let me tell you a secret....shhh...I've never gone ice-skating! Not yet at least cos' I'm too frightened. Had a terrible once when I was learning to roller-blade and never advanced to ice-skating even though my Dad used to have a pair of ice-skates.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey dear Cyn
You are so sweet! Well, I picked up ice-skating when I was in JC actually, one of our usual OG hangouts. :) I don´t know how to rollerblade though...I reckon that its easier to ice-skate (even though many ppl tell me otherwise) because at least there are no slopes and I don´t have to risk rolling down a slope and falling down on a hard ground! - which I did before and boy, did it hurt! Yr dad ice-skates? That´s cool!


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