Monday, December 22, 2008

Looking forward to Christmas!

Just want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009! May you enjoy the this time of rest with your loved ones as we celebrate Jesus´birth on earth. Am reminded about the importance of Jesus´incarnation during my quiet time. Its quite unimaginable to think that Jesus came in human flesh ... aka all the cultural shock, or should I say human shock that he had to endure and still continue to love the "earthlings". Growing up, I could never really grasp this theological concept until I moved to Germany...... What did it really mean for God to leave his throne in Heaven to come to earth - (earth can´t be that bad, can it?) However, I think its always a matter of comparison..... I moved to Germany and think that the people here (just 12 hrs away) are SOOO different from the people in Singapore......hence all my complainings esp. at the beginning etc. Jesus had the same thing too! Just probably a million times worse....I guess Germany would seem like a dream for people from third-world countries, so heaven compared to earth must have been pretty tough for God I guess.....ok, enuff of my rantings.....

Going to pick up a very good friend of mine, Belinda at the airport in the morning tomorrow! We go quite a long way back, met in University, where we were in the same discipleship group (sorta like a cell group, but only girls at Campus Crusade), went to Canada on exchange together - which means she´s one of my first friends who got to know Stephan there... kept in touch till now, which makes it about 8 years!....She works in London, which means that this has been a long-awaited visit! :) We´re going to celebrate Christmas together and she´s going to be part of our family for Christmas! Going to "Germanise" her hahah..... as German as a Singaporean can get in Germany...... (honest opinion? Not very German........)

Thing is I´m sick and so is Stephan! :( Boo. Started having tummy problems this morning and it became so bad that I was so listless when I was teaching today. Plus having my sis-in-law back for Christmas really made me feel like in the holiday mood, so I barely made it through my 4 hrs of work together. **relieved** that there´d be no more work until the 29th of Dec! Yup, I´m working one full day then.

Pray that we will both recover so that we can play good hosts for dear Bel! Oh and Stephan´s getting back his results for his written tax exams tomorrow! **Fingers crossed**..... ohhh, hope we can sleep properly tonight!

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