Thursday, March 29, 2007

My chinese new year goodies

I realized that I forgot to post pictures of the lovely chinese new year goodies that my lovely friends - Yvonne, Jennifer, Andrea, Jamie, Diana, Renita posted over. It contained Bak Kwa - barbequed pork, pineapple tarts and shrimp rolls. You can´t imagine how heavenly the whole house smells when we put the bak kwa in the oven! Stephan loves it and he says its worth every cent - the air post alone cost about 50€. Took some pictures to show you girls how much I appreciate and cherish every effort you all took to send me a piece of CNY! Love u all! And Andrea dear! Please please come to visit me ok? Really hope and pray that everything goes according to plan! If so, Andrea would be visiting at the end of April! =) Woo hoo!

That´s me eating my first piece of Bak Kwa

Devouring my pineapple tarts - they were the first to be finished

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