Saturday, December 30, 2006

What a lovely surprise

I want to thank God for the lovely blessing that He gave me today. Stephan and I were in a chinese restaurant in Gerlingen to get some food. As usual, I chatted up my "favourite" waitress - the one whom I got to know the very first time I went to that restaurant. I usually take the opportunity in a chinese restaurant to practise my mandarin, cos I really don´t want 18 yrs of learning the language to go down the drain because of non-practice. Anyways, its always such a blessing to be talking to this lady, she´s so caring, helpful and concerned about me - sorta like a "mummy" to me. She herself came to Germany from China 10 years ago and she would know the difficulties of settling in. So whenever she´d see me, she´d ask me questions like how I´m dealing with the homesickness, how´s the settling in Germany coming along etc. The last time Stephan and I were there, they gave me a free dish of chinese vegetables with tofu - simply because I´m chinese and they know me. This time we got even more freebies!

1) A discount of 3€ off the bill - the actual price was 38€ but they charged us 35€
2) A free coke drink - while we were waiting for our food
3) 3 free bottles of chinese beer - The waitress told me that she wanted me to have it so that I can have a little celebration for New Year and also for Chinese New Year since I´ll be so far away from Singapore.

Stephan and I were so blessed truly. Its so heart-warming to enjoy the spirit of generosity in a place where everything´s so expensive and the GST tax is going to increase from 16% to 19% next year! 2007. Oh man, the jump is enormous, considering the GST in Singapore is only 5%. Anyways, Steph and I said a short prayer of blessing upon this restaurant because its really true that "the more you give, the more you receive". Thank You God that even in the midst of struggles, You shine your ray of light and hope and encouragement into my heart.

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Steph Q said...

wow, Chinese food is so expensive. Good think u can cook well =)


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