Thursday, November 16, 2006

My german youth cell

I´m staying at home today, cos I pulled out wisdom tooth yesterday and man, is it painful or what? The "operation" lasted way shorter than I expected - about 25mins compared to the expected 45mins. Thank God! Hence, I got a medical certificate that entitles me to no german class for 2 days! - yippe yippee! Not that I´m a lazy bum, but its getting increasingly difficult to stay interested in class... I´ve been having bouts of feeling bored in class.... used to entertain myself by reading the german dictionary and learning new words. But lately, I´ve been feeling very tired in class and have the occasional headache, so I find it hard to concentrate on what the teacher is saying in class and having to learn new words on my own... aka, I find it difficult to multi-task in class. And the oxy-moron of this is that I´m so bored listening to the teacher teach things that I´ve learnt ages ago.... We spent 4 hours yesterday talking about the dates.... "Ich habe Gerburtstag am sechzehnten zwölften" or "Heute ist der sechzehnte elfte"... I could learn this in like 15 mins.... 4 hrs is a bit long for dates......

On the brighter side of things, I´m beginning to really enjoy my german youth cell. Hehee. We´re doing topics like "Character of God" and have finished 2 parts on it. We´ll be doing the "Father heart of God" from next week onwards... that will last another 8 weeks. I´m really thankful that God is helping me and giving me the words to say at the right time. Can really sense at times when the Holy Spirit really helps me. And yup, I´ve resorted to speaking english most of the time, when leading cellword - basically becos once I start conversing in german, i tend to lose my train of thoughts. Think its more important for the youths to get the content rather than the language. Here are some photos of the youths during one of the guy´s 18th birthday party last Friday... so cool! We´ve been invited for 3 birthday parties already, though we only know them for about 1 month now.... Wat a precious lot!

God, make yourself known to each and everyone of them, that they make know u for who u really are. Raise up a generation set apart for you, grounded in your word and living in the power of your Holy Spirit!


Sarah M said...

Ah, ur tagboard's not working again haha! This was what i tagged

"Yay praise God for your new cel pris. Draw strength from Jesus. Here u go, blogger comment help! :) love ya!"


Priscilla Tews said...

Sarah! Thks for yr entry! U won´t believe what I did. I deleted my entire post and retyped the whole thing. Cos some stupid guy used my website to advertise for his stuff! Ahhh... didn´t even see the dustbin!


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