Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blackforest trip

I went to the Blackforest with my in-laws on Saturday. It was really an awesome trip. Anita packed lunch, so we had lunch standing beside the car at one of the viewpoints. I had the impression that we were going to hike at some certain point of the blackforest and hence, was a bit disappointed when I realized that it was mainly going to be a road trip, since Stephan wanted to show me the main parts of the Blackforest. However, it turned out pretty nice as well... we went to this nature reserve where the highest waterfalls in Germany are.

Blackforest is basically this 100km long forest, on a mountain range, filled with needle trees which grow very close together - that explains why its called "Blackforest"... Light hardly penetrates through the forest. Since we are almost in the middle of Autumn now, the colours and sights of the trees were really beautiful. It was such a lovely day, not too much sunshine, but it didn´t rain... cool weather... Spent the whole day speaking german too, which is still tough sometimes, but I´ve learnt the skill of speaking broken german which is still understandable. Haha, hope there will come a day when my german is much better!

Oh, this trip marks the time when I actually did use the forest to empty myself! Haha. It was really weird at first, but its actually quite an adventure! I think pictures speak a thousand words, so yup... will upload more ptos of the Blackforest.... enjoy!

The Donauquelle - source of River Donau, the 2nd longest river in Europe, a 2,840km river which ends in Romania (compared to Singapore - 40km)

The picnic that Anita prepared and we had at the car

Doesn´t it look like the Sound of Music?

The strong winds have permanently slanted the trees

Germany´s highest waterfalls

Me and my sweetie!


Puppy's Multitasking Dream Brew said...

Nice, maybe next trip out to Salzburg in neighbouring Austria.....there you can truly sing like Maria Von Trapp :)

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey! =) I wld love to visit neighbouring europe soon! =) Really really... can´t wait. For now, the holidays have to be put on hold first, cos of all the expenses of the hse.. But yah! Hopefully next yr onwards!Haf u visited a lot of places yrself?


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