Thursday, June 08, 2006

GOFEST 2006 in SIngapore expo

Hihi. Wanna blog a short entry about the GoFEST so far.... Well, Stephan and I have been attending it half-time, cos we are not going for the mission trip and to stay the whole day would be super tiring... Anyways, Loren Cunningham is a really awesome speaker! He has amazing stories to share, but I guess that's what happens when you have been a missionary for so many years of your life and have travelled to many countries for the most part of your life. He's been talking about the CRY OF GOD'S HEART.

Why overseas missions and not local missions?

God has been answering my unspoken questions in my heart. Firstly, I've always wondered why does YWAM keep focussing on sending people out to the field when there is so much work to be done in their homeland. Then in Loren's first message he said that the most important thing is not to stay home just because there is work to be done at home, but to be in the centre of God's will for you. He then went on to explain that Jesus and all the disciples started their public ministry in places that were not their homeland. Jesus even said that He could not do anything in His homeland, Nazareth cos of the peoples' lack of faith...that is like WOW! I didn't think of it that way.

Also, Loren said that there is a difference between being sent out to the field and staying in your comfort zone... mainly because there is more focus and less distractions.... at home, there is the higher tendency of making your own agendas ie. appointments with friends, instead of focussing on God's work. There is more anointing and moving in your gifts when you are in the centre of where God wants you to be. 98% of pastors are having their ministry not in their homeground... wow!

Germany... Missions???
Another question answered is that during worship on the second day, I asked God how does me moving to Germany got anything to do with this whole Holy Spirit moving in Asia and Asia being on the brink of a revival thing. I asked God to speak to me through a person who is in a leadership position. I happened to be sitting beside Pastor Ian - by chance since I was ushering and he was sitting to near where I was standing. After worship, Ian said 'Pris, I sensed that we should send you to Germany as a missionary' I was like !!!!! It just felt so unreal... cos I didn't like verbally ask God, I just asked God in my thoughts....and I really didn't think He would answer me so soon! Ian went on to say that I should go to Germany like Germany is my mission field and that during my time in Germany perhaps God would be preparing my heart to be a missionary.

God, You really amaze me so much sometimes..... I pray that You will always be in the centre of my awe and wonder.


Sarah M said...

Hey pris! I realised I didn't link you yet! I couldn't find your url until I remembered you mentioned it in a email you sent to us. It's so great hearing about what's God being doing in your life. I've been learning a lot from the cell the past 2 weeks! :)

You got to cook for us sometime soon!!

June said...

hey pris! didn't know u had a blog as well!
really encouraging to hear the wonderful stories about how God is working in your life! =)
and the stories about how He provides is just so YWAM.. haha!

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi Sarah and June!

Wow! So happie that someone's actually reading my blog! Ha,I started the blog only about 3 months ago only and didn't really publicize it - mainly for the time when I move to Germany, easier to keep in touch. Hee.

Sarah - Thanks so much for yr encouragement. I'm just doing my best to stand in for Elaine as God guides us. Wanted to cover the tip of the iceberg of what really matters as a child of God. SO impt! Keep seeking and keep asking... there is SO MUCH MORE to knowing God. I read yr blog pretty regularly too!

June! - U muz b on mission trip already! Yah, i think the stories of provision comes cos ppl are 'desperate' to meet God... like really got no money so really need to pray sorta thing.... I read yr blog too!


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