Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fantastic time over the weekend!

This weekend is so super enjoyable! Stephan and I met up with Andrea and Shawn for Pizza at Da Donato at 6th avenue and headed for Gelato at Guthrie's Hse after that.... Realized its been a while since I last caught up with Andrea and it was just superb to just talk and talk and talk! We're thinking of planning a trip to Tioman this coming August... pray that it will happen!

On Saturday evening, we had cell BBQ at Stephanie's Hse... so super fun! Had worship, played some games and talked even more.... Stephanie used her balcony for bbqing and it was just a cozy time to get together to catch up...find out how each other is.... Cell might change to Friday to accomodate Stephan and I who won't be able to be attend cell on Thursday nights coz we have an upcoming 10-weeks 'Life sessions' conducted by Alice Priscilla from SJSM.

Sunday, we had 'I'm not stupid II' by Jack Neo in Youth service. It was my first time watching it and I really felt that there were so many issues that were hit at the Singaporean heart! I could identify with so many of the turmoils of parent-child relationships and that was really reflective for me. One thing I got back is that every parent has his past and if the past is not dealt with or it was not a good past, the hurts and pains are reflecting on their children. This really makes me more determined to deal with my past or more like to allow God to deal with my childhood past so that there is a lesser chance of me inflicting the same pain on my children.


andrea said...

oh no! i look quite fat in this photo :) as in fat face!!! anyway dear, please send me these photos when u have the time! love ya

Priscilla Tews said...


You are such a farnie gal! Hahah. Ok! I will send you the photos...and BTW, u do NOT look fat k? Update yr blog!


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