Thursday, June 15, 2006

Church camp - Melaka 2006

Really awesome, spiritually veryvsatisfying time... 1st Confession though... didn't do QT at all during the 4 days... but had a very yummy time feeding on God's word through the speakers.... Clement Wong and Ivan Lee.... Soo so anointed speakers but very different styles too! Learnt so much during the past 4 days but shall elaborate on it tmr or so.....

Sharing some photos with the Dierdens family... cos didn't take photos in Melaka except in the bus on the way there and back...hahaha and the aerial view of Melaka from our hotel room.. Cecilia was a bit sick on the way back with a flu and fever, so I played part-time nanny to the Dierden kids while Ceci and Stephan slept... I totally Salute ALL FULL TIME moms..... I'm almost fainting with a 1.5 hr bus ride from Melaka to Singapore with 3 kids..... especially the youngest 2.5 yr old..... very sweet and fun nevertheless. We were so bored, we resorted to taking photos of sleeping ppl to entertain ourselves hahaha.

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