Tuesday, May 02, 2006

German class

Just came back from german class and boy was it tiring, so it'd be a short post for today....Been feeling a bit tired from german, cos its like we're nearing the end of the semester and I'll be taking my exam in 2 weeks time...quite exciting, getting my first certificate before moving onto intermediate class..... going to miss my friends whom I've gotten acquainted with over the past 3 semesters together, but think most of them are not going to continue.....

Quite tired at YWAM too, dunno why also.... fell asleep during the 30 minutes listen to the tape and reflect thing..... a bit hard not to sleep also, cos the music is super old-fashioned and slow -moving, only thing I remember is something about the prodigal son.....

Anyways, got to go sleep now....nights

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