Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear Liam - 8 months

My 8 month old baby!

I could kiss that face all day!
Dear Liam

You're 8 months old! 

I'm so sorry that your developmental updates have been far and few between. That's one of the perils of being a third child. Your two older brothers keep me so busy that I hardly have time to do anything!

What can I say. Without trying to compare, you're such a dream baby. 8 months on and you're still such a chilled and laid-back kiddo. You're seriously our first baby who can fall asleep while lying down on the floor! We are so amazed at how you're able to soothe yourself to sleep so easily.

See what I mean?

That said, you're not sleeping through the night yet. You still wake up at least once or twice to have a full boob feed before going back to sleep. I'm not complaining though. I somehow do enjoy the late night feeds when the whole world just revolves around you and me. Call me crazy but I know it will be all too soon when you do sleep through the night and I'll miss those night wake ups!

The past few weeks saw you making your biggest development yet.

You started crawling! My baby is crawling!

Since you're probably our last baby, I've been trying to drag out your milestones. I would not even leave you on your belly, such that you took your own sweet time to learn how to turn over. You would be so contented just lying on your back and staring at the ceiling or grabbing the hanging toys on the Fisherprice rainforest playgym - which was honestly the best thing we had for you.

However, one day you decided that enough was enough. You didn't want to lie down on your belly while your brothers were moving all around you. You pulled the playmat so hard, you managed to propel yourself forward. And all that effort was made just so that you could reach your pacifier! Mummy was contemplating running to get the video camera but it was such a beautiful moment that I simply had to cherish that moment!

And since that first commando crawl, you've become so fast by now! Mummy has to keep a lookout for bits and pieces on the floor that you might put in your mouth! Also, we've got to be extra careful to not walk around too quickly, because you might be right behind us and we could accidentally trample on you.

Your two brothers are so affectionate towards you. While Gabriel and Samuel might be all loggerheads with each other, somehow you can get away with anything with both of them. Gabriel allows you to hit and scratch him with your unstable arms and he doesn't complain. If Samuel does the same thing, Gabriel will hit him back with the strongest Rambo punch. Needless to say, Mummy has been doing quite a bit of shouting, refereeing.

Look how you get away with anything!

Now that you're crawling though, Gabriel has started taking away toys from you claiming that the toys belong to him. Uh oh. I'm seeing the next phase of brotherhood developing before my very eyes. I'm hoping that your brothers would continue to treat you with grace and acceptance since you are afterall the baby of the family.

You're such a smiley baby. Many people have commented on your cheery disposition. And that's so true baby boy. I don't remember you having a bad day. You might have bad moments but it's generally easy to calm you down.

Your favourite activity is going on the huge swing with your brothers. Even though the weather has taken a turn for the colder, we still try to go to our favourite playground where all 3 of you get to go on the swing together. Your two brothers would ride their balancing bicycle and scooter to the playground and ride the same way back again. This way, all of us have some outdoor time and your brothers get to burn some of those energy.

Your favourite swing! Check out your bug-eyed shoes!
Looking all snug in your Mongolian cap

Look at that DIY belt Mummy fashioned out for you!

We can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas with you. We're constantly so thankful and grateful to our beloved Lord for giving us 3 beautiful boys to love and care for.

We pray the Lord will continue to grow your happy and sweet nature. May your life be such a fragrance to the Lord. We love you our littlest one!

Mummy & Daddy

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