Friday, April 29, 2016

Dear Liam - 4 weeks old

In line with my tradition of writing love letters to my children, I shall endeavour to do the same for our littlest one, Liam....


Dear Liam

You've turned one month old already! We so enjoy having a newborn in our house again. You make the cutest mousey sounds when you sleep and we're all so intoxicated with your delicious baby smell! Having a baby is like being on drugs. One smell from you and we're all totally addicted to you!

Personality-wise, you seem pretty calm and mild-tempered. But you're still able to turn up your volume when nobody tends to you. You do give us a grace period of about 5 minutes before you scream at the top of your lungs though.

Like many newborns, you've got your days and nights mixed up. Most days, it's almost impossible to keep you awake during waking hours. Your eyelids droop whenever you breastfeed and it doesn't matter what I do, you enjoy your milk so much so that you drift off to la-la land as soon as you're done feeding.

However, come nightfall, you wake up every 2-3 hours and drink like you're starving. One night when you were 3 weeks old, you stayed awake for 3 full hours while on your feeding marathon! I could see your opened eyelids in the dim night light and I was just shocked at how owl-like you were!

You seem to be pretty gassy and have problems trying to burp after each feed. Our hearts hurt whenever we hear you grunting and flexing your tummy muscles in your bid to get rid of gas. That said you're already getting much better at burping and we pray that in time, you'll be an expert in burping and farting! Oh, the simple joys of being a parent.

Mummy's milk supply has been pretty good and since you only drink from one boob each time, Mummy stores up "leaked milk" with my milk saver. With this invention, I'm able to freeze up 150ml of liquid gold everyday! The sad thing is, my leakage is slowing down but at least there's still quite a substantial milk stash for you!

We are so thankful and grateful to God that you were born healthy and fine!

We did have a scare during the first trimester scan, which resulted in Mummy changing her gynae and going to a specialist for a second opinion. It turned out that it was a false alarm and the specialist gave us the green light that everything's progressing as per normal. That said, we opted not to go for an amniotic fluid test because we knew that we would keep you no matter what. You're a gift from God and we're going to trust that God knows what's best for us.

In addition, Mummy was diagnosed with gestational diabetes for the first time, so I was on a diet that consisted of less carbs and more proteins. You were therefore poked in your feet and had blood taken from you 4 times on the day of your birth to test for low glucose levels. Thank God that you passed all of the tests with flying colours, so you didn't need any more intervention.

We did your newborn photography a week ago and look forward to seeing how the photos turned out!

Your two brothers are fascinated with you. Sam takes on the protective older brother role who keeps "reminding" me that you're hungry whenever you cry. To him, a crying baby = a hungry baby. Gabriel is slowly warming up to you. He tends to lie down next to you whenever nobody is watching and he's beginning to connect with you. Lately, he even started saying, "Mummy, I like Liam."

You're blessed. With 2 older brothers doting on you and ready to protect you. Although you've only joined the Tews family 4 weeks ago, we can't imagine not having you in our lives anymore.

We are truly blessed to have a 3rd boy join our household and are excited to see how you develop through your milestones and what God has in store for you. Children truly are a gift from God and we intend to cherish you every single day!

Lots of love
Your Mummy & Daddy

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So proud of you Pris.


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