Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Good Friday means to me

We went to church today and I was very touched by the Good Friday service. I've been a Christian all my life (sort of), but today I was so reminded of the type of death Jesus died for all on the cross. He didn't have a painless death, he had such a painful and excruciating death that disfigured him so badly that he was beyond recognition.

Jesus could have come down from the cross to rescue himself cos he was without sin. But he could not save himself AND mankind, so he sacrificed himself for the sake of mankind. The wages of sin is death and someone had to pay the price.

In  my reality, I don't know anybody who can possibly do that except a parent. Only a parent could possibly possess enough love to sacrifice his/her life for his/her child(ren). I certainly wouldn't be able to do that for someone I do not know or do not love. I probably wouldn't even be able to do that for a friend! Ask me to give up a vital body organ for someone who's dying, but that would mean that I would die on his / her behalf. Hmmm.... no?

In this light, it makes sense to me that for God to love the world so much such that He would sacrifice His only son on the cross for the redemption of the world, means that God treats all of us like His children! To God, we are just as important to Him as Jesus is. That explains why He loves us and why Jesus died for us. 

It made me ponder about the gravity of sin.

That there is no difference between a big sin or a small sin, because a sin is a sin. An evil thought is a sin as much as a murder is a sin. Sin separates us from God. Separation from God cannot be defined as a 20% separation cos of a small sin or a 100% separation cos its a "big" sin. A separation is an either or issue. Either one is connected to God and has a relationship with God or one is separated from God and has no relationship with Him.

The whole gospel hinges on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I'm just so moved that Jesus chose to die for me. He didn't have to. He had a choice. And he exercised that choice to die on my behalf, so all I have to do is simply to accept that gift of free salvation.

I saw this video on Facebook and thought I should share it here.

May this long Good-Friday-Easter weekend remind you that you're precious and your life has been bought with a price. And what a price that was.

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