Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - 32 weeks

I've got 8 more weeks to go and I feel sooo unorganised!

I hear from fellow Moms and what they have got for their babies and I feel like I should somehow up my game in terms of getting our place ready for another bub.


I'm just SO mega exhausted!

It's so no joke having 2 toddlers and still having to cook 2 meals a day.


Even on weekends.

I joke with my husband that I'm doing even more work than a Filipino maid in Singapore who at least gets a day off on Sunday, during which she's not expected to attend to any household chores.

I'm very thankful that my boys are in general very low maintenance. Ie. They do not require me to "entertain" them but they are completely able to play on their own / with each other. My mornings alone with Gabriel are really peaceful and I'm able to prepare breakfast / lunch, do some housework with minimal disruptions. Gabe can be so quiet, sometimes I forget that he's there!

My afternoons get a bit more rowdy because as much as the boys love each other, squabbles are part and parcel of their interactions with each other and I find myself either having to drown out the "Mummy, Gabe took my xxx" by turning up my music or dragging my big fat a_s to the boys' room to play referee.

Speaking about being big and fat, that's exactly how I feel right now!

I can hardly get out of the bed without exerting myself and I become more out of breath easily. I've tried using our home crosstrainer twice and I must say that 15 mins is my current state of fitness. And don't remind me how much bigger I'm going to get in the coming weeks!

Dealing with GD is still a pain, because even though I don't have to check my blood sugar levels everyday, I find myself worrying on days that I  don't check it! So actually I do end up checking it on most days and I stress myself up when my results increase by a couple of points - even though there is a margin of error of 10-15%, which means that results that differ up to 10-15 points is somewhat regarded as being "constant".... I guess.

Hub has been such a great source of support in that he always puts the needs of the family before his.

I had a midwife appointment today and it was located at one of those places that has horrible parking so I took the subway instead. But I still had to walk 15 mins up and down slopes while pushing a stroller. And sadly enough, my midwife had to cancel my appointment cos she was called up at the hospital, so I had made the trip in vain. I ended up having to walk another 20 minutes to the nearest train station to make my way home.

Called the hub and told him how exhausted I was and he completely surprised me by coming home earlier at 4.30pm! As it turned out, when he got home, all 3 of us were napping away because Gabriel is down with a bad cold and cough, while Sam was also feeling very tired because we've had late nights over the weekend while hanging out at friends' places.

Hub managed to continue working from home. I guess it wouldn't have made a difference even if he had come home at his usual 7pm, but it really is the thought that counts - that the hub came home earlier just to show that he cared. And as most of us women would know, sometimes just having the psychological support of knowing that someone is there helps us to get through the day, isn't it?

Just for fun, I thought I'd come up with a to-get / buy list for baby #1, #2 and #3.

Baby #1

Everything basically! From stroller to car seat to high chair to baby bed to baby clothes to bottles to pacifier. It's like building a new house.

Baby #2

Everything in double. Double strollers. We have both front-and-back strollers as well as side-by-side strollers.

Baby #3


Most cars do not fit 3 carseats side-by-side, so we're in the midst of trying to get a new car while trying to sell our old BMW. It's been such a headache really and it would be a miracle if we can somehow manage to get our new car before baby comes in April.

We've been searching around and I think we've more or less decided on the Volkswagen Sharan. We had initially wanted the Ford Galaxy but we decided that VW is a more reliable brand and engine than the Ford. Plus, the hub is German, so what can I say? 

And that's about all that we have got for baby #3. Ie. Nothing else. Hah.

We might have to get some different onesies eventually since both Sam and Gabe were hitting cold weather by the time they were 3 -6 months old, whereas baby #3 would be hitting summer for the same age since his birth month will be 3 months earlier than Gabriel's.

Our dream car - Volkswagen Sharan in red

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