Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dear Gabriel - You have turned TWO!

My not-so-little guy

Chilled strawberry cake with a layer of vanilla pudding and light sponge cake underneath

Gabriel absolutely lurved his candle train!

Dear baby-of-the-family Gabe

You have officially entered the terrible terrific twos, although I must say that similarly to your older brother,  I don't see any difference in your behavior for the worse now that you have crossed this threshold.

The only thing that has perhaps changed is your explosion of vocabulary!

You didn't use to talk much. But since you turned two, it's like this switch was turned on. All of a sudden, you started repeating words or even saying words without us prompting you! It totally took us by surprise and from a day-to-day basis, you would pick up even more words to surprise us!

Recently you even said your first two-word sentence, "Mama come!"

Your words so far are -  auto (car in German), Opa, Oma, Papa, Mama, ball, done (when he's done eating), pam-ma (his own invention for falling down), Ge Ge (his defacto answer whenever I ask him why he's crying), come, pika (baby language for bicycle), moom (for moon), star, butt (for bus!) - This one totally leaves me in stitches. 

You're such a darling and absolute Mummy's boy. While Sammy was all "Bye Mummy!" and he "forgets" about me whenever his grandparents took him out for the day, you're quite the opposite. Thankfully you don't have separation anxiety for people that you're familiar with. But I've been told that after a couple of hours, you would keep calling my name in a "I-miss-Mummy" kinna way. *heartmelt*

I'm so thankful to be a SAHM to just be there with and for you. From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, you're pretty much my little pet.

The only "structured" activity we go to regularly is the English playgroup on Thursdays for 2 hours. But other than that, we do not have any planned activity and I usually plan my days and weeks as they come. I don't believe in packing up your schedule at such a tender age and I doubt I would pack up both yours and Ge Ge's timetables when you grow older either.

There's enough stress and hecticness in the world and I just want to give both of you as much of a childhood as you can have.

Both you and Ge Ge indulge in lots of free, unstructured play. Your grandparents have even marvelled at how long you both can occupy yourselves with just a train track or a puzzle.

I do try to bring you out almost everyday, usually after your nap time. Oh yes, thank God both of you still nap simultaneously for about 2 hours everyday. It's a real breather for me because I find myself sooo tired in those post-lunch, before-dinner hours. The 2-5pm time slot is a real killer, I kid you not. Even when I was working at a corporate job in Singapore, I found it hard to stay productive during those hours. I do think there's reason in having a siesta.

Ok, enough diversion.

Gabriel, you're still very much the baby of the family. You still fit into your onesies and we still enjoy squeezing those lean thighs of yours. You have the funniest way of running, sorta like running on your ballerina toes and you have the most infectious laugh when we tickle you. Oh and you're still at the stage when you enjoy being tickled so we're gonna milk it as long as it lasts!

You have a constant fascination with planes, trains, cars and birds. Planes are "da!", trains are "ta ta", cars are "auto" and birds are "boo boo". Oh and bicycles and bikes continue to be his "pi-ka" no matter how diligently I try to correct your pronunciation.

On your actual birthday, I baked a strawberry cake and prepared craft for the English playgroup. You were totally fascinated at your candle train and how everybody was looking at you while singing you your birthday song. Your stunned expression speaks volumes on how you haven't really understood the whole concept of birthdays yet.

Two weeks later, we celebrated your birthday again with only family and Godparents. There were only 8 adults and 3 kids in total and we did a BBQ.

This is such a far cry from the crazy birthday parties that we organised for Sammy. I think Mummy has reached the point of having more meaningful, smaller and more intimate parties than huge, crazy ones.

Love you little mini-me. One more year before you start preschool. Mummy loves having you around in the morning. Don't grow up too fast baby. Your time with us is too precious to be rushed. Our prayer is that you will be a strong warrior for the Lord and you'll find your place in this generation.

With all your heart
Mummy & Daddy

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