Thursday, June 18, 2015

Loving Summer!

Everybody loves summer here.

In a temperate climate like Germany's, weather rarely gets warm enough such that you don't have to wear a jacket. We probably only get 2-3 months of real summer and 9 months of cold(er) weather! So now that summer has finally shown its elusive face, we've been making full use of the warmer temperatures! Days get dark only around 8pm so kids can stay outdoors longer too. 

Here's what we've been doing:-

Going to the playground! 

Compared to last summer, Gabriel is able to move around more independently now. This little monkey totally loves running around at the playground and being on the swing. Sammy also has more of a playmate in Gabriel now that he can actually run around with him.

As you can see, summer time has gotten a notch more fun and interesting for me! I'm able to leave both kids to play on their own and would only have to give the little one a hand if he needs to go down a long slide or go on a swing.

Of course having two toddlers also means that I got to be on my guard that none of them disappears out of the blue. Sam has a knack of doing his own thing, while Gabriel has this thing for bushes.

I must say how much I treasure the dry summer air here. It gets humid sometimes, but is nowhere as humid as Singapore. We are able to have playdates in the afternoon with no fear of the scorching sun. And best of all? It's all FREE!

It could be summer all year round if I had my way!

Gabriel at the playground about a year ago. I had to carry him everywhere

Gabriel at the playground now

This is what he does when I say, "say cheese!"

Mouths wide open

Who would have thought that playgrounds can be SO fun right?

The three musketeers

Here we were on a steam train at the park

Our first family train ride with the hub too


Going on bicycle tours

Sammy is such a champ on his Puky bicycle and has such stamina that we are able to go on long bicycle tours on the fields around our house. I so love this time when we can all cycle together as a family of 4! Sooner or later, Gabriel would probably not want to be a pillion rider anymore, so I gotta milk it as long as it last!

Taking a break on one of our bicycle tours

Even Gabriel's tired out by the cycling

A wefie with my littlest

A family that works out together strays together



Hub got a Weber BBQ gas grill for his birthday and we've been making full use of it! We place it on our balcony and because our balcony is just next to the kitchen, we have the convenience of BBQing without the hassle of bringing all the utensils / meat to-and-fro. Yay!

I made chicken satay for the first time from scratch and it was heavenly!

Like really. It tasted so great! And I'm not bragging here. I got a great recipe here for anybody who wants to try making it.

Our Q1200 Weber grill making its home on our balcony

No photoshop needed for this amazingly tender and juicy chicken satay!

Of course satay had to be eaten with a spicy peanut sauce, cucumbers and onions

Chicken Satay recipe here.

I'm so glad that summer has barely just begun!

Here's to an awesome summer of enjoying the sun, pool and outdoor nature with your family and loved ones!

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