Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Ludwigsburg Castle

We had some visitors from Singapore recently.

My best friend's sister, Jamie and her husband, K. visited us over a period of 2 days!

We love having guests over and now that we have a 3rd bedroom, we actually have more space to do so!

I must say that I was quite impressed by my two young men. You could tell that they were very overjoyed to have visitors! They were so hospitable and always looked forward to playing with Jamie and K. and showing them their toys.

Either that or they are so deprived of visitors, that they go crazy on those who stay overnight at our place! LOL. 

Sammy even went to their bedroom when he first woke up before realizing that they were still sleeping!

The poor hub was down with a terrible virus during their visit, so I brought the kids out with me and we spent the day at the castle in Ludwigsburg and on the garden grounds.

The kids were pretty good troopers and even though they didn't nap much, they were pretty well-behaved during the 1.5-hour tour of the castle.

Ahem, by "well-behaved" I mean they didn't break any of the artefacts or do anything forbidden. For the most part of the first hour, they walked through the castle just like anybody else. But for the last 30 minutes, they were running up and down the hallways like boys litted up.

The Ludwigsburg garden grounds is beautiful! There's a fairytale - themed park with interactive figurines of Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel and other characters from the Grimm brothers' stories. Sammy absolutely loves pressing the buttons and listening to the figurines "talk".

It's a pity that the stories are in German with no English language option, otherwise this garden would be very suitable for international visitors too.

There's even a little boat ride which is safe enough for kids to go onboard with their parents. Very relaxing! We went on a mini steam train which costs extra. But was an absolute hit with the kids.

The children were so mesmerized by all the things they could do! And as we parents would know,

Happy kids = Happy parents 

There's caf├ęs aplenty so we stopped for some french fries and German sausages. The weather was superb on that day. Perfect summer temperatures in April! It was simply the perfect day to be out and about.

I asked my friends if they felt weird surrounded by so many kids in the park and was relieved when they said that they themselves have gone to Legoland in Malaysia so they are quite used to be surrounded by kids.

It was such a pleasant visit! Thanks for blessing us with goodies from Singapore! Please come back and visit us again! :)

Sam took this shot all by himself! My little budding photographer!

He took this shot too, but I had to photoshop it

Playing in the haystack

A mini scarecrow
Gabe couldn't be bothered to pose for the camera!

There are various exhibitions throughout the year and this was a farm exhibition. All made from straw!

Funny babies!

On the mini boat ride!

Look at how they loved hanging out with Jamie and K!

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