Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Date with my firstborn

I went on my first date with my 3.5-year old last week.

Guess where we went to?

A soccer match no less! It was a friendly under-16 match between Germany and France.
Sounds like such a fun date right? But it definitely got on to bad start! 

Firstly, all regional trains were on strike, so there was an increased volume of traffic on the already-crowded streets (ie. Traffic jams everywhere!)

Needless to say drivers were in the worst of all moods. I've not encountered SOOO many impatient and frustrated drivers! Whenever I need to change lane, the driver in the other car would speed up, so I couldn't squeeze in!

Secondly, it was drizzling quite heavily that day. I was considering cancelling our soccer plans but I didn't want to disappoint the kiddo. So I decided to carry on with it. (The seats in the stadium are sheltered). 

When I finally arrived at the venue, I was sooo relieved that we were almost there. But my relief was short-lived because I realized that the police had cordoned off the entire multi-storey carpark where I had wanted to park! Turns out that it was a working day so the employees from Daimler needed the carpark for themselves.

While driving around the stadium to search for the alternative open-air carpark, I was getting all flustered and discouraged. We were already late and I had no idea where we could park!

There and then, Sammy said a prayer that we would be able to find a carpark! This boy totally touches my heart! His prayer worked almost immediately and at the very next turn, I found the entrance to the huge open-air carpark.

When I wanted to get out of the car, I realized to my horror that I had forgotten to bring Sammy's thicker waterproof jacket and it was SOOO mega cold! That was such a last straw for me! I simply couldn't wrap my head around my kiddo sitting in the cold and watching a soccer match for 90 minutes!

But I also didn't want all the effort of making it to the stadium to be in vain just because I didn't have a thicker jacket for Sammy! I even called my friend (who invited us for the match) and told her about my dilemma. She convinced me that the stadium wasn't that cold because it was sheltered and there's a lot of people sitting together. I decided that Sammy would simply wear my pink cardigan on top of his fleece jacket and that should do the trick.

We finally got to the stadium at close to half-time!

But we got there! That's the most important part right?

Our seats were really close to the field so we could see the game pretty well. I really enjoyed watching a live match! It was such an eye-opener to see how a real match works! Everything was exactly the way you see it on TV but so much more exciting! And so much louder! It dawned on me that France and Germany raise up the next generation of World Cup champions by grooming their own young! 

I wish I could say Sammy was all blown away and got inspired to be a professional soccer player. Hah. But he was mainly interested in the birds flying over the stadium! Oh and waving the German flag! He would wave the German flag whenever the German side was playing.

I felt so proud of my kiddo. He's turning 4 this year and growing to be such a little gentleman! Taking him out one-on-one makes me so happy to be able to spend quality time with him! I could hold his hand and walk together! He has such a gentle and sweet nature. I know it sounds weird, but I would so totally date this guy if I weren't his Mom! LOL.

We ended off the day by having Macdonalds for lunch and going to visit an ex-neighbour friend and her kid for a playdate!

You bet we'll be going on more Mummy-son dates soon! Definitely recommend date days for all you Moms out there! It's so heartwarming to be able to bond with your child! You just see a different side of him / her, without the usual role of playing referee between the kids! - You know what I mean!

Rocking my pink sweater!

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