Saturday, March 21, 2015

Singapore 2015 - Botanical Gardens

While I'm still on the topic of what I did in Singapore, I want to mention that Botanical Gardens is not just superb for Jacob Ballas.

The rest of the gardens, which span 74 hectare, is a haven for kids because one can play ball, feed fish and do all sorts of outdoor activities for free! In a very well-kept garden.

Sam is born only a couple of months apart from some of his friends from church in Singapore. Naturally, each time we're back, we had to make it a point to meet up and catch up!

So, with 5 kids and 3 Moms, we managed to go on an epic playdate! To botanics no less.

It was so fun! And so chaotic and stressful at the same time!

But fun nevertheless! And memorable!

To give you a glimpse of how chaotic it can be go out with 5 kids, one of the kids even vomitted on the cab ride on the way to the gardens!

I think she had some motion sickness cos she wasn't sick otherwise.

But you can imagine what it was like for 2 moms to get out of the cab and try desperately to clean up all that puke, change her and clean up the cab a bit!

That was thankfully the only unexpected event of the day.

The kids had a whale of a time playing ball, roaming the gardens and just do things that kids do!

We ended the day at a very kids-friendly restaurant called "Food for thought". It's on the opposite end of Botanical Gardens from Jacob Ballas. So do not make the mistake of thinking that you can go to Jacob Ballas and walk to the restaurant. It'd take you 1.5 hours (I think).

This restaurant is pretty much the only restaurant in Botanics and it comes well-equipped with children utensils, kids' menu and even has a small playground on the outside where the kids can play while the Mummies eat.

I ordered a pasta dish - which left much to be desired, but I heard that their burgers are pretty good but they were already sold out by the time we had dinner there.

Would highly-recommend this restaurant to end off playdates at the garden!

This is more of a photo blog entry because I simply had to share these shots with you.

Looking at them makes me sigh with contentment and happiness. We are blessed with such great friends - both Mummy and kiddo friends! And even though we live halfway across the world from each other, we'll still be able to cheer each other on in our journey of motherhood together! 

All excited just before embarking on their little outing

We were feeding the ducks!

Swans and the black mass which were actually catfish


 All the birds tried to snatch some of the breadcrumbs! The kids got quite afraid of them!

 Gabe trying his hand (or should I say "foot")at football with his first female fan

He was genuinely interested in the name of the flower!

My friend, V told her son, "You gotta run for the ball! Sam is German, he's not gonna give you face!" LOL!

Love how Sam crossed his arms like a big boy!

Sam and S. born a few months apart

Gabe started crying cos he didn't want to have his photo taken!

I think the Mummies looked forward to dinner more than the kids! No photos of food cos we were famished!

Everyone busy calling for a cab home!

Food for Thought

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