Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday in 2 more months! - Singapore & Bali!

Pardon me for my long silence again.

I think blogging is like exercise. It gets easier once one has a certain routine. But once I stop, it's soo hard to get my engine restarted! Argh!

So much has happened since my last update ....but the most important thing is that ....

We're going to Singapore!

This is going to be the first time that we will travel long-haul as a family of 4. It would also be Gabriel's maiden flight, so we're pretty nervous excited about how he will fare!

Sammy is usually a great traveller but this time he will also have his own seat and entertainment system. He hardly gets to watch TV at home and doesn't own any electronic gadget so I'm pretty sure that guy will knock himself out with all his multimedia options!

Have I mentioned how much I love flying my beloved Singapore airlines? Call me weird, but one of the things I super look forward to flying SQ is to get hold of a copy of the Straits Times! I love love love reading the national newspaper and getting hold of it on the plane is akin to being in Singapore! Oh and I'm going to hear so much Singlish on the plane oredi! And of course since the air-stewards and stewardesses are probably going to be Singaporeans, I'm going to enter the aircraft and think "I'M HOME!"

Ok, you can tell how deprived I am! Ya right I am! It's been almost 2 years since I last set foot on my beloved country! Feel like a Filipino maid who can't wait to get back to her homeland. (Having a filipina maid is typical for many Singaporeans too. I grew up with a Filipino maid in my household and she would always sing songs about her homeland Philippines whenever she missed her home).

Our main reason for this trip is because my dad is getting married! 

We are very happy for him to have found another partner, since my Mom passed in 2006. Sammy is gonna be the ring bearer and I'm sooo hoping that it would be more of a success than his previous attempt.

I know he looks too young to be my Dad!

We're also going to spend 5 days in Bali too since hubby managed to get 4 weeks(!!!) off work. I realized that by adding a "multi-city destination" on Singapore Airlines, we could add in a Bali holiday for just another 400€! That's even cheaper than any budget airlines from Singapore that flies at unearthly hours! The last time we were in Bali was in 2009 before we had kids. It was such a memorable trip and we've been trying to go back there since then.

Pre-kids 4 years ago in Bali! 
Can't wait to see the stunning sunsets in Bali!

We're well aware that with 2 toddlers in tow, this Bali trip would be anything but romantic. But that's also why we decided to pick a hotel with a kid's club that's located in Seminyak - where all the famous restaurants, pubs, massage parlors are . We could head out of the hotel and head back anytime we wanted, without be constrained by distance or time.

You won't believe how much time I spent on the internet trying to find the "perfect" family getaway! We finally decided to Courtyard by Marriott because of all the great reviews and the relatively reasonable prices (Seminyak is probably the most expensive part of Bali).

I'M SO EXCITED! And I just can't hide it! I know I know I know.....

I must say that our impending trip is also the reason why I don't dread winter so much this year. Ok, I'm pretty sure a big part of it is due to the fact that we actually have a warm apartment after living in Germany for 8 years (me)! Our place is brand-new, fitted with floor heating and is so very well-insulated. You can't believe how amazing this is for me! Our bathroom floors are warm enough to go barefoot!

We still wear socks in general though, because I wouldn't want to heat up our place like a sauna. Already my German hubby says that he wakes up perspiring some nights because our room is too warm! Lol.

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One of the last shots of Gabriel in his "old man" hairstyle

In his funkier crew cut which hub cut for him!


CL said...

great news eh! Congrats to Uncle. we are flying back too for CNY using SQ!

Pris said...

Thanks CL!

When will u be back in SG? We're planning on leaving before CNY cos hubby can't stay that long. But I'm still considering if I feel "brave" enough to handle both kids on my own for another 2 more weeks, so we can all experience CNY in SG! - Albeit without the lao gong.

Madam Ocon said...

How exciting! We used to spend xmas in Asia/Australia for a number of years and that certainly made winter feel shorter, albeit by 2 to 3 weeks only.

Have a fantastic time, and hope you feel brave enough to extend your holiday to spend CNY in SG. x

Pris said...

Madam Ocon - Thank you!!!! Yah travelling back in winter definitely shortens the winter! It's more expensive though!

Do u have a blog?


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