Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A shout out from our new place!

My dear hubby managed to get our internet working today so I'm finally back in the land of the living..... kidding!

It was actually quite cleansing for us to live without WiFi for the past 3 weeks. I could still access the internet from my iPhone but seriously, with that mini screen, I wouldn't go past Facebooking and checking my Emails and Whatsapp.

It feels soooo good being able to type on the keyboard of my pink laptop again! .. Yeah I do have a pink laptop. Baby pink actually!

We are in our new apartment now! It's super new and nice! I got meself a terrific, gorgeous, spacious open-styled kitchen, we got a new sofa and even a TV! We have lived without a TV since we got married actually! It just appeared to be a very natural decision because I was living without a TV in Singapore anyways and when I first relocated to Germany, I understood zilch on German TV. I still don't think I'd understand 100% on German TV, but I think I should understand enough.

We're both still not in the habit of watching TV and to be honest, I wouldn't even know when I could get the time to watch TV! We're going to use the TV to watch DVDs and our episodes for now. :)

Everything still feels very new for me. I had to get accustomed to taking the subway to town and be downtown in 20 mins! It's such a treat for us, because in the past, I would have to give myself 1 hour (!!!) to get from home to town by car! These days, Sammy would ask me, "Mummy, take train today?" in the mornings because he's absolutely mesmerized by the locomotive!

Even the route from  home to town is so scenic! The train goes through this elevated region, so one is treated to a bird's eye view of Stuttgart and its SO.VERY.PRETTY! I do feel like a tourist in my city again!

Our apartment is actually warm! Of course we haven't turned on the heater since its summer but the weather has been quite ridiculous lately. It's humid, warm AND cold at the same time! Today, it was 22 degrees and I went out with a sun dress. BUT when the sun stopped shining, it was actually chilly! When I wore my denim jacket, it became too warm! Crazy.

I digress. I'm just so happy that even with mild summer / temperature, I can walk around bare-footed in my home and my kids can run around bare-footed. In our old place, I would always have to make sure that their feet are covered because the floor was always cold. Gabriel is happily crawling around without any footwear. Sammy is still wearing his house shoes because that boy loves his shoes. I'm serious. He wears his shoes first thing in the morning.

Time seemed to have flown by since my last entry. Other than the obvious reason that I haven't been able to blog because of lack of internet, we've been so busy with the affairs of the house that there's been little time for leisure! Having a new place is somewhat like having a newborn baby! - BUT more expensive! Haha. Newborns are cheaper in comparison - at least for the first few months.

We've spent all our weekends in furniture malls trying to get miscellaneous things and we are still not done. Naked light bulbs hang all around our place, our kitchen is still lacking a few things, we need drapes to cover our French-styled ceiling-to-floor glass windows etc.

I must say that the lack of privacy was something I had to get used to. Our glass windows are not entirely see-through since they are tinted like a car window. But since I have no idea how "far" a person can see through the windows, I'm always trying to scramble from one wall to the next, especially when I just come out of the bathroom. At night with the lights on, our apartment is completely see-through.

It's been an adventure even driving around out new place. We've gone to Ikea and a nearby shopping centre. The first time I tried to drive out of Ikea, I took the same amount of time to get out of that area as I did to actually drive home! I wasn't familiar with the streets and my navigation system does not tell me when to change lane so that I can make a turning on time. Hence, I was turning around in so many circles, it wasn't even funny anymore!

Alrighty, I think I shall save some things to write about for the next time! No photos of our new place yet! It's still not "tidy" enough for photos that are Internet-worthy. But I shall treat you to a photobomb of our little ones.... for those of you faithful enough to read until here!

Last few photos in our old place:

Sammy wasn't actually strangling Gabriel even though it TOTALLY looks like it!

Can you tell they are brothers?

Looking all innocent on our old balcony

At an outdoor gathering one day after the big move. We were knackered!
Here's how you drink out of a glass

Where's all that water?

Maybe I'll try it upside-down instead!

Nah, I think I prefer my water bottle!

Finally one decent shot of my baby!

 Sitting straight like a big boss!

 Playing with the bottle cap

No baby, you don't put the cap in your mouth!

Yeeeah! That's what I call a good stretch!

Oh Dad, that tickles!

I think that's what you call a hairstyle that is in desperate need of a haircut!

On our new balcony!

 Testing out our balcony

Our building looks exactly like the building in the background

Yeah Ma! I think I'll take the balcony. It's nice enough!

Sam trying out Dad's shaving cream

Happy with the results!

Hey Ma! Look at my white fingers!


Bern said...

oh the boys r so big now! so great that you've (mostly) settled in your new place...and got internet access once again. been missing your blog posts!

Pris said...

Hey sis!

We're glad to have internet access! We should facetime soon again! Been too long!!! Yah, I should get down to blogging more often!


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