Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear Gabriel - 9 / 10 months old

Dear baby boy

You turned 10 months last Friday.

With that milestone, you have officially started scooting! You have this unique way of sitting down and pushing yourself around by leaning forward.

It's super cute to see you doing that! Recently, you also figured out that in order to hold something in your hand and scoot at the same time, you would have to push forward using one hand. And oh boy, did you succeed doing it! You look a mini old man with a walking stick (your hand). Lol.


(The video above depicts a typical moment in my life when I'm trying to document milestones and yet my kids won't necessarily cooperate with me. *doh*)

Your fiery personality continues to shine through and it ain't a piece of cake to handle you. While having lunch today, you suddenly broke out into a mega loud scream and no matter what I did, I couldn't calm you down. I did the next best thing I could do - grab you out of your high chair and brought you straight to the bedroom to nap.

You usually nap after lunch but apparently today, you were just too tired to wait for the rest of us to finish lunch and you simply had to nap straight away! You fell asleep promptly and so did the rest for us - for a grand total of 2.5 hours! 

You continue to be so fascinated by your older brother. He never fails to make you laugh and it's so cute seeing the both of you interacting. The cool part is that Mummy is able to leave both of you to play together while I get some chores done around the house. The not-so-cool part is that your Gor Gor hasn't really mastered the skill of sharing his toys with you. So whenever you try to have your hand at playing with a toy that Gor Gor wants, he would ceremoniously take it away from you and walk away with it. *doh*!

You're unable to retaliate right now simply cos you're still much slower and physically weaker than your brother, but it won't be long before Mummy is going to have to play referee in your sibling matches!  And oh boy, am I looking forward to that - not!

While your big brother seemed to be more of a cool iceberg while he was your age, you're way more enthusiastic and "vibrant" in your emotions. Whenever you see grandma (she babysits both of you while Mummy goes for pilates on Tuesdays), you would flap your hands and kick your legs so vigorously that if I don't hold you tightly enough, you could jolly well wiggle free from my arms.

Having said that, you're still very attached to your Mummy and would cry whenever Mummy leaves you. The good thing is that your cries do not last very long and you adapt quite easily to another caretaker, so Mummy has been able to leave you at Sunday school to go for church service.

You continue to be breastfed about 4 times a day and Mummy is so happy that we're both still enjoying it! One thing you started doing is that you would indicate that you want boob milk and when I latch you on, you would suck for one second, release the boob and giggle and laugh as if that's the funniest thing in the world. When I try to put my boob away, you would try to suckle for a second again, release it and laugh. All this while, while Mummy sits there half-exposed, waiting for you to drink.

It's quite funny to be honest, but oh boy! I'm glad that so far, I haven't been caught in this situation when I'm in a public place yet! It could potentially be a highly-stressful and albeit indecent situation!

We love and enjoy you so much little one! It's such a privilege to be your Mum and be able to stay at home to take care of you and your older brother. Take your own sweet time to grow up my dearest. We cherish your babyhood too much!

Mummy & Daddy

Your favourite time of the day

Most recent family selfie

 What can I say, you love the sand!

"Mama, rescue me from Gor Gor who's squashing me!"

My bunny ears
Finally being able to play properly at playgroup!

His mugshot for his German passport

You start early, little boy!
Making use of the sun and having lunch on the balcony


CL said...

OMG the young boy got such big eyes!! very cute picture of the brothers sharing the bath tub!

Pris said...

Thanks CL! Bath-tub time is one of their favourite times of the day!

Bern said...

gabe is just such a carbon copy of u when u were young, right down to his gorgeous limpid eyes!

Pris said...

Thanks sis! I really do see myself in Gabriel. Hahah. When I hug him, I feel like I'm hugging myself.


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