Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dear Gabriel - 7 / 8 months old

Dear Gabriel

You're already 8.5 months old and are closing in on the 1 year mark! I can't believe that we would be celebrating your first birthday in slightly more than 3 months! Could you grow slower pretty please? Mummy's not ready to give up my baby for a toddler yet!

The past 2 months went past in kind of a blur because you and Sammy fell sick quite a bit. Both of you caught a nasty bug that gave you both high fever, stuffy noses, coughs and a really bad mood. It was a very, very, stressful time but Mummy's thankful that most of it is over by now, except for your coughs.

Your first 2 teeth popped out after a series of really bad nights and crying. We had no idea what you were going through until a couple of days later, we saw your little pearly whites. You look so cute with them and you also got your teeth earlier than your big brother!

We started putting you in infant Sunday school at church and you've been taking to it like a champ! During church service, you would "interact" with other babies and be carried by a minder. Most of them, you end up napping such that by the time Mummy picks you up, you'll be snoozing soundly in your stroller. Mummy & Daddy are very thankful for such amazing childcare service at church because this means that we get to sit through service without being disturbed for 2 whole hours! :)

In general, you're fine with other people carrying you but you're still very much attached to Mummy. 

Recently, Mummy's friend tried to carry you and while you were pretty contented to let her do so, all of a sudden, it was as if your little brain said, "That's enough! I want my Mummy back!" And you pushed away from her, turned towards Mummy and stretched out both your arms towards me such that I had to take you back. It was such a precious moment for me, cos this was the first that I witnessed such a display of baby-mother attachment.

You're sitting up really confidently by now and you enjoy playing with your big brother's toys.

Unfortunately, Sammy has taken a liking for pushing you backwards such that you have fallen on your head a couple of times. Mummy is still in the midst of getting your big brother to stop "bullying" you but I guess that's all part and parcel of growing up with an older sibling my dear. At least this would toughen you up for the future.

You've also started crawling backwards and are beginning to grab things to stand on your own.

It's so nice to see you becoming more mobile but at the same time, I wish time would freeze because I know you would never ever go back to your baby-all-helpless stage anymore. 

Foodwise, you're still eating pretty well.

While you were sick, you refused all forms of solids and would only want breastmilk. Now that you're feeling much better, you have been having a healthy appetite and would join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You still get breastfed in between your usual meals. Mummy really enjoys these times of bonding with you and you love them as well!

People who haven't seen you in a while have commented that you don't cry as much as you used to. 

I think that's a compliment! It's true that you no longer cry for long stretches in the evening anymore. You still hate being left alone in the room and would complain within seconds, but usually when someone is in the room with you, you're pretty much happy to be doing your own thing. 

You love your older brother and he never fails to make you laugh.

When you're upset, Sammy usually tries to calm you down by singing "Twinkle Twinkle little star" to you. It's the only song he knows how to sing properly! That and the "ABC" song which happens to be the same tune.

At a Thai restaurant during our bonding time
Sleepwise, you still wake up 1/2 times in the night for milk.

You still sleep on the co-sleeper attached to our bed but we intend to let you sleep together with Sammy once we have moved house.

Mummy really treasures Thursdays when Grandpa takes Sammy such that Mummy and you can have a full-day of bonding time. We usually go to the city for a lunch date with a friend and hang out there either in the sun or walking around the stores. You're usually very well-behaved and would take in all the sights around you and charm all the women you meet! 

Little baby, we love you so much! Your chubby cheeks are sooo cute that Mummy's always kissing them everyday. Your little chunky thighs are sooo irresistable that Mummy always unzips your sleeping bag when I'm nursing you, so I can take my time to squeeze them. I know that you won't always be that chubby so I'm cherishing every single moment of each day.

Quoting from a friend's blog, this is our prayer for you too!

God has a wonderful plan for your life, baby boy, and we will be here to help you unravel all that He has in store. Our prayer is that you dream big with Him and boldly step out to pursue those dreams. Do not let us or anyone else impose their goals on you for your path has been specially paved by Daddy God. Courageously be who He has created you to be, not who others may want you to be. If you get tempted to compare yourself with others, remember you have a unique set of giftings that fit in perfectly with your personality and life experiences. No one can take your place so just focus on being the best you. God will forever be your greatest supporter but Papa and I are next in line cheering you on loudly

Mummy & Daddy 

Following is a backdated dump of baby photos.... you've been warned! 

You somehow look so grown up here

Love how you clasp your hands here

Bonding with your older brother

Yah baby, you know you can lean on me!

True that!

Funny Sammy!


You guys were all giggles that day!

Here you were nibbling a toy

At a friend's 3rd birthday party

Sammy being all protective over you

Playing dress-up at toddler gym

Everyone was so amused at you, little Tigger!

The cool baby

Trying the swing for the first time

My favourite time of the day! (Just kidding with a hint of truth!)


Bern said...

oh they are both so precious, and Gabe is growing up so fast! I'm missing his entire baby stage!!

Pris said...

Bern - Thanks! Oh you got to visit us! We got 3 more months left of his baby stage. Thereafter, he's officially a toddler!


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