Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's day surprise

Guess what the hubby got for me this Valentine's day?

A beautiful, sparkly gold necklace! 

It was such a pleasant surprise that when the hub mentioned that he got me something and that he had hidden it in the car, my first reaction was, "Are you for real?"

Thing is, hubby and I are not ones to celebrate V-day because we're boring people with kids! LOL! No really. We just aren't big on this lovely-dovey day. Even during our courtship days, we rarely managed to commemorate this day because we were hardly ever in the same country during our 3-years long-distance relationship.

Our wedding anniversary also falls about one week after Valentine's day, so we usually let the latter pass without much fanfare while celebrating the former more intentionally.

Hence, can you imagine my utter unbelief when hubby actually got me something? And a piece of jewellery no less! I was so impressed when I saw the packaging that I even had to snap a shot of it!

My initial guess was that it was a diamond ring because yours truly lost her engagement ring sometime ago and till today, I have no clue where it vanished to. Hubby was like, "Do you think an engagement ring would be in such a big packaging?" .... True that!

I loved how my hubby bought me a present. That he made the effort to go to a jewellery store to figure out what I might like. And that he still puts in the effort to show me that he loves and appreciate me after being married for almost 8 years!

And all this added to the fact that we have 2 young kiddos in tow who basically take up so much of our time and energy these days, it's truly God who sustains our marriage, family and relationships. I'm thankful that my hubby still managed to find the time to surprise me with a beautiful gift.

Thank you Lord for showing me how good You are to me through this man you have placed in my life. I got so much I can learn from him. Help me God, to respect, honor and cherish him with each passing year rather than to take him for granted. Show me how I can continue to have his back while he brings home the bacon (rice) for us. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Felt so excited opening it!
Close-up shot of the beautiful reddish gold necklace

It brightens up any outfit!

Full #ootd of what I wore with the necklace

With my straightened hair that lasted all but 2 days

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