Saturday, February 08, 2014

Dear Sammy - 29 months update

Looking the part for CNY in his new angry bird bathrobe. See the back view in the mirror?

My dear lovely Sammy

I can't believe that you will actually start preschool this year (probably in September when you turn 3).

Mummy tries not to think about it yet, because I can't imagine what it's going to be like not having you as my constant breakfast companion and even just the morning rumpus in bed with both you and Gabriel.

The good thing is that the preschool where we signed you up for is pretty flexible. I asked if it was possible if you didn't attend preschool everyday just so that I would have the flexibility to bring you out for day trips when the weather is nice or just to hang out with your brother and the school leader was fine about it and even encouraged parents to take more time for their kids.

I'm very thankful for that because Mummy's definitely not ready to let go yet! You're still my baby!

You are such a sweet kid! Whenever Mummy sneezes, you would say "bless you!" and make sure that Mummy heard it.

Like Daddy, you have a knack of being able to find my stuff. Whenever Mummy can't find my phone (which happens a bit too often), I would ask you and you would try to locate it by saying "Mummy's phone BEEP!" That's cos grandma and you played a game of hide and seek which required grandma to say "beep" so that you would know where she is.

Of course objects do not "beep", but your amazing memory has enabled you to find my phone countless times and even my guitar pick once behind the couch because you were the culprit who threw it there!

Whenever we go for walks, you would look for a stick and walk around with it like a miniature old man. Mummy has no idea why you seem to have taken a liking for this habit but it's kinna cool to see that you have your little quirky interests.

You attend a parent-kids' toddler gym once a week when you get to try out various balancing beams and basically just run around like a kid to expend your energy. You really enjoy these sessions although Mummy has a nagging thought that you would be happiest just running around with a ball. You love soccer and have a natural flair for dribbling a ball.

You have displayed your fair share of tantrums, which is unfortunately very unpleasant for all of us. Usually you will listen to reason and will cooperate with Mummy. However, there have been instances when you would simply lie down on the pavement next to the street just because Mummy refused to allow you to grab Gabriel's pacifier away from him.

During those times when I'm stuck with a stroller laden with groceries, a crying baby and a tantrum-throwing toddler, I'm usually at a lost for what to do. Once a kind fellow Mum came by and offered you gummy bears in her bid to get you to stand on your buggy-board so that we could continue the mini hike back home instead of having an unplanned hiatus on the sidewalk. 

Oh man, I never thought that I would have to resort to bribery but seriously, I think gummy bears were made for a reason and this is definitely one of them!

The one thing that helps is that you're very quick to say "sorry". Whenever you're too rough with Gabriel and end up hurting him, you would quickly say "Sorry Gabe Gabe" before proceeding to caress him on the spot where you hurt him. The same goes for Mummy. When you realize that you have done something wrong and Mummy is upset with you, you would quickly apologize and hug me.

I'm very thankful that your teachable spirit more than compensates for the difficult times. You are still very good-natured and Mummy is thankful that the terrible twos ain't as terrible as it sounds.

Your love language seems to be acts of service. You're always ever so willing to help Mummy with the cooking in the kitchen. We got you a high stool from Ikea and since then, you would quickly get it to stand next to me whenever you see me pottering around.

You have helped to stir-fry in the wok, peel egg shells, beat the eggs, among other stuff. You're very adept with your fine motor skills and are such an eager beaver so it's hard to say "no" to you even though that usually means getting into a bit of squeeze with the workspace as well as having to monitor you closely since the kitchen isn't the safest place in the house.

You continue to form sentences and amaze us at your vocabulary. Your favourite phrases these days are "Sammy do it", "Mummy do it" and  "Gabe Gabe crying". A couple of times you even blurted out, "Let me do it!" to Mummy's astonishment cos I don't remember teaching you that. You're able to recognize colours, count in 3 languages and we're in the midst of teaching you body parts in Mandarin.

We love you little sweetheart and pray that you'll continue to thrive under our care as we navigate through parenthood with you!

Mummy  & Daddy

 Looking all ready for school... here you were going to Sunday school

At a children's train at the Christmas market in Stuttgart last year

Aunty "Linda"!

Love your little monkey face here!

You were happily sharing your biscuits with your mates
My baby all grown up and sliding down the big boy's slide

 Looking like Daddy's little helper

My little munchkin who always brings a smile to my face


Bern said...

he really is the sweetest little boy i've ever met.

Pris said...

Bern - Thanks sis!!! Can't wait for you to meet Gabriel!!! :) :) :)

Bern said...

looking forward to meeting the little munchkin!


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