Thursday, January 09, 2014

My Dad & his amazing DSLR

My Dad came over for a short 1.5-day visit last month.

It was great seeing Dad again. We usually only get to see each other once a year in Singapore.

Dad met Gabriel for the first time in real life and I was quite stunned at how similar Dad's and Gabriel's skin colour is. Gabriel has definitely inherited the Asian gene of tanned skin from my family. People tell me that he looks uncannily like my younger brother.

Sammy took a while to remember my Dad since it had been a couple of months since Sammy last saw him. Thus, it was all the more heartwarming when at the end of the visit, Sammy recognized my Dad's photo and said "Opa Norman". Aww.

One thing I must say about Dad. He has this thing for cameras.

He hangs this super mega heavy "machine" on his neck and snaps a LOT of photos. This camera weighs a ton and is almost as heavy as my 6-month old baby. I have no idea how Dad manages to trug his precious through his Germany trip. One has his applaud his dedication though.

We met on Friday evening for dinner, followed by lunch on Saturday before Dad and his girlfriend-recently-turned-fiance flew back to Singapore on Saturday evening.

Although we see other so seldom, you have a special place in our hearts Dad! We're excited for you and your new phase of life coming up soon! Congrats again!

I must say that the quality of the photos taken by his DSLR is out of the world though! Here are some of my favourites!

On the toy train at the Christmas market

Dad & Grace. Gabriel looked quite skeptical!

Poser Sammy

Sammy striking another pose

With my in-laws

Heehe. Notice something amiss on Gabriel's socks?

Kisses all around for the baby

Only photo I have with Gabe on that day!

Love this candid shot!

Deep in thought

 They were playing ball in Stephan's bid to make Gabriel laugh

Chuan Jia Fu - A rare shot with both Singaporean and German families

See what I mean about their skin colour?

Only photo with all four of us looking at the cam!

Gabe looks like a ballerina here!

Gabe: "Yo! What's up!"

Gabriel: Last shot Ma! I'm fed up!

Stick your tongue out like you don't care!

Last coffee and cake before they left

Random shot in the city centre


Andrea said...

HI Pris, your dad's DSLR is indeed amazing! Can I ask what brand and model is he using? I'm thinking of investing in a DSLR too because of the amazing photo quality!

Pris said...

Hey Andrea!

I think so too!!! I need to ask my Dad about his camera. Will get back to you on your question!

cl said...

your dad looks so young! I think I have more wrinkles on my forehead than your dad. Oh yes, DSLR pictures turn out very sharp and clear ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Welcome to the amazing world through the lens of Canon EOS-1DX plus Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM. Both are top of the range, super sharp, superb colour rendition, pin point focus and weather seal heavy equipment. Mean for the men but surprising Pris managed to take quite a few sharp photos of us through that equipment as she struggling to steady it. Got very good price through online.

Pris said...

CL - Thanks! I'm sure you made my Dad's day! :) He's only 24 years older than me, so that makes him a pretty young Grandpa! And you don't have wrinkles lah!!!

Pris said...

Dad - Thanks Dad for answering Andrea's question! :) Oh hahah, didn't know that the camera was meant for men! That means I got pretty strong arms! Trained by my little boys I guess!


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