Friday, November 01, 2013

Dear Gabriel - 3 / 4 months old

Dear Gabriel

You have turned 4 months old already! My little chubby, shishy bubby.

Mummy's totally enjoying you these days. You have started laughing whenever I squeeze your thighs and you love it when Mummy's hair gently touches your face. You would turn your head towards my hair and let out a little squeak.

Talking about hair, you have an iron-grip on things. Mummy has to pay attention that you don't accidentally grab my hair while you're nursing. Mummy's dropping enough hair (no thanks to post-pregnancy hormones) as it is.

Recently, you accompanied Mummy to the city 1-on-1. It was SOOOO good bringing you out in a single stroller and just taking my own time to look at stores while your older brother spent some time with grandpa. You absolutely loved taking the subway and people watching. It was such a precious bonding experience and Mummy hopes to have more of these 1-on-1 dates with you. :)

Your looks have changed sooo much over the past month. You've lost your newborn, clueless look. Like your brother, you have this wide-eyed, I-wanna-absorb-everything-in look. Mummy almost forgot what its like to see the world through the eyes of a baby.

The only drawback is that you don't like to lie in your stroller for long. You would scream to be out of your stroller and once we have you snuggled in our arms, you're as quiet as a bug. We would love to carry you more often baby, but at about 7.5kg you're beginning to be a strain on our arms and back! We think you will be more contented once you are able to sit up and see things around you, rather than stare at the open sky.

We brought you for your first-ever road trip to Strasbourg, France the past month. You were a pretty good trooper! You slept most of the 1.5-hour journey there and back. There were a couple of times when we had to pacify you and your brother in turn, but in general you enjoyed all the sights and loved being in the outdoors.

I love how you tend to reserve your best, flirty smiles and glances for me! Daddy calls your smiles "flirty" because you have a way of staring at someone, tilting your head and looking away while blinking your eyes. How on earth do babies know how to flirt without being taught?

You continue to be mesmerized by your older brother. While you enjoy watching what your brother can do, you don't seem to be in a hurry to catch up. You exlude this confident "I'm a baby and I love it" air around you. 

You love waking up in the mornings and hanging out on the bed while we lazily start the day together. In terms of that, you're very much a morning person in that your mood starts off at a peak in the morning and gradually decreases as the day progresses.

You definitely know what you like and what you don't. Sometimes when Mummy gets carried away at grabbing your chubby thighs, you would let out a loud "eek!" to indicate your displeasure. My apologies little one!

Your older brother fell sick 2 weeks ago and with that, you caught the same bug. As a result, you've been waking up very often at night while you struggle with coughing and breathing. We hope and pray that you will recover soon because its so tough watching you being sick. 

Ohh one more thing. You're very much a little talker. You would often blabber incessantly when you're on your own or in the stroller. Me thinks you will start talking pretty quickly.... but then again, that's the advantage of being a second child. You get to learn things faster from your older brother.

We love watching you grow. Take your time to enjoy your babyhood and while you're at that, perhaps you could cry a little less loudly especially in the evenings? Hugs.

Mummy & Daddy

Disclaimer: Overdose of baby photos coming up.

Gabriel at 3 months old
At his baby blessing at church

Just after Mummy recovered from a nasty stomach bug

Wanna kiss you Ma!

Funny Gabriel

Funny Sammy

Ma, why is Gor Gor laughing until like that?

Gone is summer! We have autumn now... what a difference in weather one month makes!
He looks like a little young man here!

Love that little pout!

Matchy matchy with a onesie that Gabriel has already outgrown. *sob*

Charming my friend Tina

His doting Godparents

I could eat up this toy!

Absorbing in the world on Daddy's shoulders

Gabriel at 4 months old

Love hanging out with Gor Gor on the bed in the mornings

My 0-6months bodysuit which I have already outgrown!

Is it me, or does Gabriel looks uncannily like Sammy here?

Love babies in their onesies that expose their chewy thighs!

Papa loves me this I know...

Beautiful fall day

Gabriel's head is almost as big as Sammy's by now. LOL.


Bern said...

oh man, the boys r the most lovable tikes ever! i miss u all so much (even if i havent met gabe yet!)!!!!!

Pris said...

Bern - Thanks!!! Love photos cos they capture the best memories! in contrast to reality!


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