Friday, June 07, 2013

Pregnancy #2 - 9 months!

Okok, before I scare anybody, I'm NOT close to delivering yet.

When I say "9 months", I actually mean 36 weeks. Since pregnancy is essentially 40 weeks long, I still have about 4 more weeks to go before D-day! If baby comes anytime after 37 weeks (full-term), he wouldn't be considered premature. So yeah, I only got 1 more week to full-term! Yikes!

While I'm not counting on baby making an early appearance, judging by the fact that Sammy was born at 41 weeks, I'm hoping that baby doesn't stay past 40 weeks. This is mainly cos I'm still hoping on a VBAC and I reckon that the chances of a VBAC diminishes the bigger a baby gets? 

Have I mentioned that I'm so thankful that we invested in the Tempur mattress? It has got to be one of the best investments we've ever made!

I was getting so uncomfortable with having to sleep on my sides and started googling on pregnancy pillows. This was when I had to recall how amazing it was to be able to sleep on my Dad's Tempur mattress during our stay in Singapore. Although the mattress must have been at least 10 years old, it still provided incredible support for my poor lower back.

After doing a cost-benefit analysis, we decided to bite the bullet and invested in 2 mattresses.

Oh man!

For the first time, I managed to sleep on my back again. It made such a HUGE difference! I still have to go to the ladies frequently in the night but at least this time round, I'm getting better quality (if not quantity) sleep compared to when I was preggy with Sammy.

How am I feeling at this stage of my pregnancy?

Pretty calm, cool and collected.


Well, I'm not a ball of nerves all the time. Most of the time, I do feel pretty chill and life goes about as usual, with our various playdates to keep us busy.

However, I do have moments when I find myself thinking about what childbirth will be like for me second time round. I also do worry about how I'd be able to cope with a newborn and a toddler. Hubby is going to take 3 weeks off work but after that I'd be on my own.

I have to constantly remind myself that God's timing is perfect, such that Samuel and baby #2 will have the perfect age gap. And in my weaknesses, His strength is made perfect (2 Cor 12:9). That I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength (Phil 4:13). He will equip me with everything good for doing His will . (Heb 13:21)

We have managed to get a cleaning lady, who has been nothing short of extraordinary! :) She does such a thorough job and even tidies up our belongings without me asking her to. Hence, I'm ultra thankful to God for helping us find someone who is competent and whom we can trust.

I consider it such a privilege that we can outsource some housework to someone else, because while I don't consider myself a cleanliness freak, I must say that the constant need to keep the house clean is always at the back of my head.

I still do the daily cleaning of the house - which as every Mom will know, is a tall order in itself. But now once a week, someone will give our apartment a thorough cleaning such that it feels brand new after that. We actually have clean windows again! WOW!

I guess the bottom line is that I would much rather focus my energies on taking care of my kids and doing things that can't be outsourced - like cooking for example. Besides, weekends are way too precious to spend cleaning the apartment.

We're thankful that baby is officially in the head-down position. *phew* Baby was breech up till the 29th week I think. Gynae says that everything is progressing pretty well, so that's great news. :) 

Yup, I think that wraps up the update for now. I'm still so thankful at how smooth this pregnancy has gone / is going. When I think about it, I'm still in awe at how life can possibly start and grow inside me.

I'm so humbled that God has chosen to bless us with a second baby inside my womb. I am so going to try my best to cherish the last days of having baby kick, jab and wiggle inside me. This feeling has got to be one of the best things of being pregnant.

 I will sing the Lord's praises for He has been good to me (Psalm 13:6)

This is how I look like currently. My bump does look like a whale's by now!

 I figured I should take some bump shots with my poser little prince. He can literally sit on my bump now! - Not that I'm carrying him much these days though.

This boy lurves getting his photo taken!

See any similarity?


Bern said...

so great u found a reliable cleaning lady to help u out! omg, you've gotten so big! you look ready to pop anytime.

Anonymous said...

Ah...the genetic mum photogenic smiles....probably I grow to love photography out of these lovable shots...

Pris said...

Bern - Thanks! Yah we're soooo thankful and over the moon that we don't have to handle everything by ourselves anymore. I DO look huge hor!!! But I think my belly might still grow even bigger!

Pris said...

Anonymous - Dad????!!! Now you got a new model in the form of Sammy! And his soon-to-be brother!

elainegan said...

9 months already?! Time flies. Your bump looks healthy, no where huge whale like. Honest.
Look forward to bub pics soon and VBAC birth story. I would like to try vbac IF I'm ready for no.2, but was told i'm likely to have big bubs no thks to hubs genes, gah!

Pris said...

Elaine - Yah, crazy how time flies!!! Thanks for your lovely encouragement! I feel HUGE though!

Oh... exciting! I'm sure Laura would be a great older sister!

I know what you mean about the genes + big baby thing. Although for us, I still dunno how Sammy turned out so big. Hub and I were only 3kg at birth.


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