Thursday, August 23, 2012

Berlin part 1 - Clowning around

Hubby had a one-week break recently and we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Berlin.

I can't believe that it's taken me 6 years to get my butt to the capital of the country I live in! I guess its just me having the "I-want-to-go-out-of-the-country-and-staying-in-Germany-doesn't-count-as-holiday" mentality.

**Shakes my head in disbelief**

Germany is so huge, one can actually go to another city 6 hours away and it's a completely different culture / feel / environment. I guess one can take the Singaporean out of Singapore but it's another thing to take Singapore out of the Singaporean.

Well, we had initially wanted to go on a beach holiday somewhere further south like Spain. However, upon checking the ridiculously expensive prices one has to fork out to travel during the peak season of summer school vacation in Europe, we decided otherwise. Besides, during the peak of summer, it makes more sense to stay in central Europe cos temperatures are great and days are long.

On the flip side, we're currently experiencing a heatwave here (37 degrees today!!!) but that's another story.

Berlin is incredible! I've heard people swooning over the German capital and could never really understand what the big deal was. But after having been there for 5 days, I can honestly say I'm a true-blue convert!

Ok, so I've only been to the popular and touristy areas and haven't seen the dirtier or not-so-safe parts of Berlin, but needless to say, hubby is having his nose full (as they say in German) of hearing me say that I want to move to Berlin!

It reminds me a bit of London and Paris, although it is still smaller than both cities in terms of population size. The main difference is that I felt very much at home in Berlin. A big part of this is because I understand the language here so I didn't find myself in the intellectual barrier like in Paris. Berlin compared to London is also much more accessible for Mummies with strollers. The subway and subway stations are spacious enough to manoeuvre a bulky object such that I didn't feel squeezed like a sardine.

I guess another main reason why I like Berlin is because of the authentic Asian food available there! Ok, so the dim sum still doesn't quite make the cut like Chinatown in London but it was great enough!  And the food prices are significantly cheaper than those in Stuttgart. It was simply lovely going to restaurants and not having to cringe at the prices for once. :) 

Looking through my photos I realized to my horror that I didn't take many photos of landmarks at all! I guess its cos I had a huge distraction in the form of Sammy. And like any Mummy, I do prefer snapping photos of my little munchkin than taking photos of buildings. hah.

So this post would be the clowning around pictures, while I will write about where we visited in my next post. 
 In front of some touristy store where Sammy looks like he has a nose growing out of his forehead
 And now Mummy looks like Pinocchio while Sammy either looks like he's praying to the Lord or getting ready to sneeze! lol
Clowning around with baby on a wooden horse
  How we kept baby entertained in stroller while exploring the city - FOOD! 
Having fun with Picasa - boy there's so many new functions! 
Sammy in his cutesy poses with a tilted head
That little poser! Now you know why I enjoy snapping photos of my baby!


Ailing said...

Aiyoh he's so cute lah! Berlin is amazing. A lot of artists r moving there to work. Europe is amazing lah, u really live in a great continent lots to explore!

Pris said...

Thanks Ailing! :) Yeah its a very artistic place. There's a running gag between the Berliners and Stuttgarters. Berliners are more well-known to enjoy life and reflect / do artistic stuff while the Stuttgarters are known to be more of workaholics.


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