Sunday, February 05, 2012

Back in Singapore

Oh gosh I had no idea that there was an App for blogger too! I've been so lazy at blogging because all my photos are on my iPhone and I didn't want the trouble of having to transfer the pictures to my laptop and blog from there. But now that I can blog directly from my iPhone, you can be assured that I'll be blogging wayyyy more often now! :-)

Yup. So I've been back home for two weeks now and I'm really enjoying being back in summer and having longer days. Winter has been particularly dreary this time round. Ohhh and not to mention being able to eat whatever I want without having the trouble of cooking.

This is also our first holiday with baby. Sammy had been such a champ. He did so well during the 12-hour flight and is totally adapting well here. I don't think he even experienced jet-lag really.We sleep in an air-conditioned bedroom and he has totally adapted to it too. As a matter of fact, I think health-wise he's doing even better than his Mummy. I'm down with a throat infection and cough from the spicy food here, but I am feeling better slowly but surely.

He does perspire quite a bit but he doesn't cry his lungs out if you know what I mean. He does grumble every now and then and we'd have to take him out of his stroller to "cool" him down. But other than that, it's been a joy having him around and introducing him to my birth country.

Hubby and I spent lots of time just walking around. We realized that things in Singapore are pretty expensive. Even babywear ain't cheap anymore! As a matter of fact, I think babywear is cheaper in C&A in Germany than most places here.

Having a baby does limit one's mobility a lot! We take the cab wherever we go these days and needless to say, it's burning a hole in our pockets! But I shouldn't complain cos the cab fares in Singapore are still cheaper than in many other developed countries.

Hubby left yesterday and I'm still missing him a lot. It's been sooo good having another pair of hands to care for baby.

We have taken so many pictures since we arrived so here are some of the highlights of our trip. I promise to blog more now that hubby's gone and I'm gonna have so much time on my hands - (if) Sammy gives me some "me-time".
There's something about babies and rompers that simply go so well together
My cheery smiley baby
Love this pix of God's promise over the Singapore skyline
My two favourite men bonding over coffee and cake
Jesus loves baby Sammy
My sporting baby who inspite of the heat, continues to keep his cool, chilled nature
 Indulging in my favourite fish soup from Amoy hawker centre (on top) & a fish platter from Fish & Co (below)
Many greetings from Singapore!
At the Singapore river - with Marina Bay Sands in the background


Fruto do EspĂ­rito said...

I would be honored with his presence as a follower (a), because our community is too precious.

I love love of the Lord!

Follow his blog, is part of the portions of the Holy Spirit poured out in your posts.

Your sister in Christ

irene said...

Hi Pris,

Glad you brought Sammy back for Gong Xi gong Xi.... He is quite a model is he not, smiling every other shot! By God's grace will be a starting a Pilot Alpha Parenting course for some young moms here in KL. Perhaps, something for you to ponder about when you return.

God bless you and your household. Glad Sammy's experiencing mom's roots...

Anonymous said...

Gotta love this boy....he is sooo cute :-)))

Love, Geli

elaine said...

he's such a happy boy.. and so liking his jesus bib! custom made?

Pris said...

Hi Irene

Yah, it was nice to celebrate CNY for the first time in 6 years! And yes, Sammy is very happy to smile for the camera. :)

Pris said...

Thanks Geli!

Pris said...

Elaine - Hey I popped by your blog for a while. Your little girl is sooo cute!!! And yes, the bib is custom-made...I don't know which website it was. If you're interested, I can ask my friend again.

elaine said...

Hello again, yes would like to know the website of the bib, if possible. Thanks :)


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