Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Sammy - Week 7

Dear Sammy

You are one week short of turning 2 months old!

So many things happened the past week that I have to document them down.

Firstly, You gave us your first smile! And your first laugh! It was heavenly!!!

Can't remember exactly when you first smiled at me,  but you were staring straight at me and suddenly you broke out into the widest grin ever! It lasted for a few seconds.

To say my heart melted would be an understatement! I was soooo overwhelmed!

Since then you've been rewarding your Daddy and grandparents with your precious smiles.

Your first hearty laugh happened when you were half sleeping. I had just finished breastfeeding you and was talking to my friend, Yvonne. We shared something funny and I laughed out loud.

You heard my laugh and imitated me!!!! Your laughter was soooo boyish and happy! I stared at my friend and she stared back at me, both in disbelief about what we just witnessed.

To confirm this laughing episode, I "faked" laughter again and you copied me yet again!

We simply can't wait until you really laugh consciously! It would make all the sleepless nights and fatigue so worth it!

Oh you have also starting cooing at us. Oh boy. I know every parent says that, but its the sweetest and cutest sound ever! Your coo still sounds like you might start crying but this is still heaps better than crying being the only sound you produce. :)

Also you had your 6-week check-up at the doctor and everything's A-ok!

Doctor was really amazed at how fast you have grown! You are currently at the 97th percentile for your height and above 97% for your weight.

On average most babies put on 100-200grams / week. You, my darling have put on 400grams/week! :) Doctor says this is no problem because breastfed babies cannot "eat too much". And he's also very impressed at your ability to observe your surroundings. 

You're currently 6.5kg and 61cm. You have grown so fast that we've had to put away your newborn clothes. You no longer fit into size 56 but are currently wearing size 62 / clothes meant for 3 to 6month-old babies - You're only 7 weeks!

I figured your size is something genetic. I remember my brothers being pretty big babies too. The doctor was so encouraging and he said that this means that you enjoy my milk! And that I have no problems producing the quantity of milk that you need to grow and grow so quickly! 

We think you might be having a growth spurt again because during the day you want to be fed more often than the usual 3 hrs. And you've been craving more attention. You don't seem to sleep very long in the day although you do sleep quite a bit in the morning, which is really nice cos Mummy enjoys co-sleeping with you. :) 

Sleepwise, you are sleeping better in the night. No more 2-hr feeds but more like 3-4hrs feed. Last night you slept from 8pm to 2.30am straight! And again from 3 to 6am. That's such a breather!

Mummy is becoming a bigger fan of online shopping ever since you were born. I have ordered a couple of things which I hope would buy me more no-need-to-carry-you time. Hope you will enjoy them!!!

People enjoy babysitting you cos you sleep so well in your stroller so all they have to do is to bring you for a walk and you're a dream baby.

Yup I think that's all your developmental milestones for now. It's so exciting to watch you grow and Mummy already feels a sense of nostalgia that you no longer are a fresh newborn. BUT I'm so looking forward to you sleeping longer stretches at night! :)

Mummy & Daddy


 You looking all grown up in your first pair of jeans
So what's the verdict? Does Sammy look more like Daddy or Mummy? 
(Note the hairline of the two boys. That's a typical T. family trademark)


Anonymous said...

..exact mould hairline funny and cute...

Sarah said...

Sammy is so gorgeous Pris! And yes, those smiles and laughs and coos are so so precious! Glad to read that the sleep situation is getting better too :) Take lotsa videos of the little kiddo! And when you feel up to it sometime, let's skype! Would love to "meet" lil Sammy ;)


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