Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Sammy - Week 5

Dear Sammy

You turn 5 weeks old today! :)

This means that Mummy also "survived" her first week without Daddy being at home *phew*!

You are such a good baby. Mummy and Daddy are both so thankful that you are not one of those babies who scream for no reason. 99% of the time when you cry, you're hungry. As simple as that. But this also means that when you cry in the middle of the night for your feeds, we can't "trick" you with a pacifier either.

You're pretty chilled-out. When left on your own, you just watch your surroundings and observe. We know that you are learning so much on a daily basis because you no longer believe that Daddy's finger = boob. You "reject" his finger as soon as he puts it in your mouth. Smart boy!

You've been put on a 3-hr feed-wake-sleep schedule over the past few days. Surprisingly, you've done pretty well in that you've gone down for your naps more often than not. It's still not easy to figure out when exactly you finally will drift into slumber but you tend to do so in your own timing.

Another thing about you - You love to co-sleep with us! And truth is, we love to sleep with you too! But Mummy's just paranoid that she might squash you in her sleep, so I try to swaddle you back to your bed as much as possible. Some days, Mummy's so tired so I just let you fall asleep right beside me. And oh boy, you're able to sleep until your next feed! You're Mummy's boy at that! Now if only I can "train" you to sleep and eat your whole morning away!

You seem to be hungrier at night so Mummy has been waking up sometimes as often as every 2 hours to feed you. During the day, you're pretty much punctual with your 3-hr feeding cycle and tend to wake up on the dot for your feed. Now Sammy, could you try eating more during the day so you (and we) get to sleep more at night?

We think it won't be long before you give us your first "real" smile! You've been "smiling", or more like moving your lips in what looks like a "would-be-smile" when you're awake. Makes my heart melt everytime!

We love you baby and you're precious to us. God bless you sweetheart!

Mummy & Daddy
You were trying to reach out for your playmobile here!
 Looking cute up close
 What were you dreaming about?
You had such a mischievous look here! 
Love love love you in this outfit!
 Finally a picture of us! At an American restaurant enjoying cocktails and BBQ food!


Anonymous said...

dreaming shot is very naturally nice...

Summer Lace said...

I love the third photo Pris, he is so cute in that photo!

Pris said...

Andrea - Thanks! My friend took that pix while I was holding Sammy.

Anonymous said...

Aww, he is SO cute!! I am looking forward to meet the little angel soon in person! I will call you....

Love, Geli


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