Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Things that make you feel old

I'm born in the 1980s - shall not reveal the exact year.

A friend of mine sent me this via Email a couple of days back and I thought it makes an interesting read for those born around the same time as me.

I shall endeavour not to look back at those past years and rather think about the fact that I'm wiser now than I was then!

".... Those who are older should speak, for wisdom comes with age" Job 32:7

Enjoy :)


Gene said...

And I've known you for 10 years!
Time really flies!

Pris said...

Gene - Oh yeah! Now that you mentioned it! That's soooo true! Wow, you're an OLD friend! hahah.

Sabrina said...

Yep, I'm old. Thanks for reminding me... *sigh*


Miss you guys!

Jie Jie x

Pris said...

Hey Jie jie!

We are all ageing!!! You're not alone! haha

Mei Mei


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