Friday, July 01, 2011

Fried Wan Tons - Chinese Dumplings

We usually have cell group on Tuesdays and being the only Chinese and non-German in my cell, I try to cook something Asian so that the others can have a taste of what real Chinese food is like.

I'm glad to say that most people in our cell are pretty adventurous, so its usually not a problem to feed them. :) And I think I'm beginning to understand how my pregnancy cravings work. I see a photo of a type of food, salivate over it, mull over it in my brain and at some point in time, I have this, "Oh boy, if I don't have this food now now NOW, I'm not gonna survive another second!!"

So yeah, I must have seen a photo of a fried wanton somewhere on the Internet and decided that its about time to make my own!
The finished fried wanton. I realized that folding them into triangular pieces saved way more time than folding them the traditional way.
But I couldn't possibly just feed my cell members with wantons for dinner. So I decided to fry some rice with ham, pork belly, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs. I added some chopped chilli bits to give it a boost of flavour and oh boy, it certainly achieved its purpose alright! The ladies (including myself) were tearing at those spicy bits while the guys were like, "Oh yeah! More chilli!" Wahaha.
 That's what I did with the leftovers of the wanton. I made ourselves some authentic Singaporean Wan Ton Noodles!

For the Wan Ton recipe, click here:

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