Saturday, July 23, 2011

Babymoon in Krabi - Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas

Ok, I know this must be the grandmother of all outdated posts.

There's simply too much to blog about whenever we return to Singapore that the backlog is so hard to clear once I return to Germany.

Its still my dream that somewhere in the not-too-distant future, we could hang out in Singapore for a period of time that can be counted in months and not meagre weeks.

This time round we decided to go to Krabi and try out a new hotel for our Babymoon. Yeah, we've been to Krabi about a couple of times by now, because its just so convenient & cheap to fly there from Singapore (about an 1.5-hr flight). 

Our hotel was situated on a private beach, which meant it was only accessible by boat or a hike up and down the Monkey Trail (out of the question for a big-bellied me). The only drawback of such a transportation is that one is dependant on specified departure / arrival times of the boat. However, it helped that this service was complimentary in comparison to another hotel in Phuket which I was contemplating about, but decided against it because one would have had to pay US$30 (!!!) p.p. for this service!

The best part about our trip was also that we went during the off-peak season, because it was supposed to be "rainy". However, thank God, it only rained heavily for a few hours on one of the 5 days that we were there. And the silver lining of the cloud? We paid one-third of the original hotel rates! - About 100€ / night instead of 300€! The service was immaculate and we certainly couldn't find any room for complaints. :)
On our way to the hotel for the first time with our baggage. Hubby looking totally knackered.
Happily enjoying my fresh lime juice and fresh sea breeze in my hair
One of the many rock formations jutting out of the emerald waters
Another rock formation
Our first view of the hotel hidden in a huge rock enclave
 A closer-view of the hotel
 The interior of the hotel. Thank God that we didn't have to climb the stairs cos they had a golf-car service
We reserved an ocean-facing Deluxe room and were very pleasantly surprised with it!
Open-air bathroom with bath-tub
Our welcome fruit platter
Our private outdoor balcony with seats. We hardly spent time here though, cos it was sweltering hot!
Hah, our ocean-facing beach beds with towels
View from our balcony
Close up view of the rock formation visible from our room. Was nice to actually have a real ocean-facing room for once! 
 We were famished by the time we checked-in because it was close to 2pm, so I ordered room service. This was seafood fried rice which tasted not bad, BUT it had 5* prices too! Cost us about S$15 (7€). Needless to say, this was the first and last time we ordered room service. It would have been cheaper to go to one of the restaurants at the hotel.
Our mini-bar, which offered 2 complimentary bottles of water daily
Beach/Poolside restaurant. Doesn't it just scream "PARADISE" ?
Lovely pool that is actually big enough to swim in!!
Me and my super comfy beachwear which I bargained down from about S$20 to S$10 (4€).
On our way for our first dinner.... food photos coming up soon!


Sarah said...

Wow this place looks so lovely!! Going to keep it in mind if hubby and I are ever going to take a holiday trip in Asia again. Glad that you both looked like you had a great time! Ocean views rock :D

Pris said...

Hey Sarah!

Its really REALLY lovely! We went during off-peak season and the service was great too! :) Highly-recommendable!

Summer Lace said...

Very nice photos Pris! Makes me want to go on another holiday :)

Pris said...

Thanks Andrea!!! :)

Yah! Holidays around Singapore are so cheap! I know my first holiday after baby's born is going to be Strausbourg, France to get my sushi fix!!!

Porkies said...

Very good report,nice pics, were going there in Oct for the first time and cant wait.

Pris said...

Hey Porkies! :)

Oh nice!!! Hope you'll have just an amazing time there as we did!


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