Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spanish & Turkish Food!

We had so many visitors last week.

On Thursday evening, a couple friend, whom we got to know a Team-F ("Team Family") intercultural seminar stayed over at our place. He's German and she's Romanian and both of them are the sweetest couple ever! And of course we had a common topic because she used to be a full-time YWAMer (Youth with a Mission). Hubby and I went for a Discipleship Training course at YWAM in Singapore, so we both are familiar with this organisation and have a close affinity for people who've either done their courses or who've worked there. 

They were on their way to Paris and decided to pop by Stuttgart for the day so that they could visit family and catch up with us over dinner. We brought them to our favourite Spanish restaurant for grilled fish and seafood! Yum yum! And of course the entire evening was just spent talking. It was exciting to tell them about what 2011 has in store for us! :) 
Perfectly grilled Steinbutt (Turbot)

Where you go for awesome Spanish food:
Er Vaquita
Vogelsangstr. 41
70197 Stuttgart, Germany
0711 235146

2 days after they left, we welcomed our next visitor, Mr X. who's the fiance of a good friend of mine, Miss G. He works for a German company and was sent here for a training course. And how nice of him to bring me some Chinese New goodies of prawn rolls and pork floss! :) This was the weekend when our heaters were absolutely not working and our apartment was freezing!

Thank God that Mr. X had no problems with the cold, citing that he usually sleeps in air-conditioning in Singapore anyway. I, on the other hand, was freezing my butts off! Thank God our heating saga finally came to a halt on Monday when the heater guys replaced yet another faulty part of the heater. 

The only thing that got on my nerve was that the boss of the heater company kept insisting that hubby and I were at fault that the heaters were not working! And at the end of the day, it turned out that the heater part(s) were all faulty! So we had absolutely no role to play in the entire heater saga!

Oh well, I think one will always meet people like that, but that's when we can practise our Christian values of forgiveness and grace!
We brought Mr X. to our favourite Turkish restaurant for grilled meat since the Spanish one was too full! Yeah, we would have otherwise eaten at the Spanish place twice in one week!

The portions are generous!!!! I went for my favourite mixed grill platter (16€)
 That's the hubby's grilled turkey fillet with fries (13€)
Both portions came with a generous helping of fresh yummy salad!

Where you go for awesome Turkish food:


Room to Think said...

food looks great! haha, didn't realise you had replied to my comment about the blue jelly until i happened to check it...just.

the prayer for fabs is actually from a daily devotional site called girlfriends in God.

hey, guess what? i spotted my aunt (Jacintha Abisheganaden) in the Home video (the Singapore National Day song). my mum's cousin. she's the one in black who sings when the malay guy in orange is rapping. she used to be married to Dick Lee, the first guy singing.

Pris said...

Hey Jo!
Thanks! These are some of the few restaurants I really like here! Haha, not as many as in Singapore, but good enough. :)

Oh Ii see....girlfriends in God. Will check it out!

Your aunt is Jacintha??? She's a celebrity, isn't she??? Wow..... you're famous! haha.


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