Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another blessed year with the parents

Both hubby's parents are January babies. Their birthdays are only 2 days apart although they have a 5-year age gap. Quite similar to my parents, whose birthdays were 3 days apart in the same year! What are the chances?

We usually celebrate together by either going to a restaurant or having a meal at their place. And was I thankful that we had a private, cosy family affair this year because I was half-alive and had to keep sitting or lying down so that I didn't get so drained out from being ill!

I figured since this is a birthday post, I will write something about my in-laws here.

For both of you:

Thanks for accepting me into the family! Love you two so much! You make living in Germany so much better and I couldn't wish for better in-laws. Love how both of you are still so loving after many years of marriage. And of course both of you have brought up the most wonderful children!!! And given me the man of my dreams. Hubby has picked up so many amazing skills from you two and I'm so thankful that because of that, he's been such a great husband and companion for me! Admire the way you two always support hubby and Sabrina in their dreams even if it means that you would have make sacrifices. Even though we come from different backgrounds and cultures, I really appreciate how both of you have made efforts to understand me and accept me for who I am. I'm a bit more German now too, no??? God bless you two!

Here's to Werner. 

Thanks for being such a great Dad to me. Still remember how you were the one who taught me how to drive in Germany and for being ever so patient with my not-fantastic motor skills! You're a man of few words but we all know that you're always listening and paying attention to all of us. Thanks for always being the handy man. Whenever something does not work around the house, its like we wouldn't call the technician, but you! I don't think there's been anything that you haven't been able to fix or repair! Also, you're always the person I can count on whenever I have an emergency S.O.S. situation like if I'm stuck in traffic and can't get to my workplace on time.


Oh Schwiegermutter. What can I say. You are the best cook ever! Love all the food that you make. And for such a great cook like yourself who likes what I cook, I take that as a great compliment! :) And you're so organised and neat! I say that with deep respect because I know how much effort it takes to keep the house clean. And you always seem to understand what's on our hearts. You're a great listener and companion.

So here's wishing both of you many many more healthy, happy and blessed years together. Hope that we can visit Singapore together again!!! And this time we'll finally get to bring you two around!


Toyin O. said...

Sounds like you have a great family, very touching post.

Anonymous said...

Aaaw, so nice...I love reading this lovely post for your parents-in-law. Touches my heart :)

Be blessed!


Pris said...

Toyin - Thanks for popping by! Yeah, I'm thankful to have a great family when I'm halfway across the world from my other family and friends! :)

Pris said...

Geli! Wow, you are one faithful reader and VERY fast commenter! How's your studying coming along? Yeah yeah! I got this birthday post idea from my friend! Thought its cooler than just the usual "happy birthday!" note!


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