Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Paris part 6 - Church on a hill (Sacre Coeur)

On the last day in Paris we decided to pay a visit to Sacre Coeur. Its also one of the must-sees places in Paris. The Basilica is located at the summit of the hill, Montmartre, the highest point in the city. The view one gets from here is even better than that from the Eiffel Tower. And since we didn't go up the Eiffel Tower, we were satisfied with our city view from Montmartre.  

 The lovely windmill that we saw on our way up 
The  Basilique of the Sacred heart in all its beauty  
 The famous church on a hill. From there one gets a bird's eye view of Paris
 The view we saw from the top of the hill
 Beautiful shop that caught my eye
 You see so many artists peddling their wares. Beautiful photos! 
Isn't that beyond French? She was dressed in traditional clothes and playing the accordion.  
That's the whole bunch of us. Vincent brought us to this park near his house where one gets a great view too. Funny pix! I like how Vincent's fluffy hair blocked Stephan (small) head! 
  Aren't the flowers simply beautiful?


HappyAuntie said...

The woman with the flowers is playing an accordion - a harmonica is small and held up to your mouth and you blow through it.

Love all your pics! Looks like you had good weather, too. Can't wait to see the Salzburg pics!

Pris said...

Hi HappyAuntie!
So nice of you to pop by my blog.

Thanks SO much for the correction! I somehow knew it wasn't the harmonica but I just couldn't figure out what it really was! I have changed it accordingly.

And yes! We had great weather in Paris! Didn't rain much and lots of sun. But it was pretty cold and windy too! I'll post the Salzburg pix soon!


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